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Discussion: Verdi: Missa da Requiem - Bosch

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Post by Geohominid January 28, 2008 (1 of 4)
Moritz Bergfeld has kindly provided me with information about the recording techniques of the Aachen Verdi Requiem. "It was produced using 5 main microphones (DPA 4006, Neumann KM131 and KM120) and 19 spot microphones for instrument groups, choir and soloists. We recorded on 24channel multitrack with 24bit 48kHz resolution. The Aachen Dom has a rather difficult acoustic due to its eight-sided shape and the orchestra situated in the middle, so in fact quite a lot of post production was in order to achieve the kind of sound we thought was appropriate - especially since we had to use some parts of the general rehearsal with the church completely empty and therefore producing an entirely different sound." He adds that I was correct in deducing from the recording that the four off-stage trumpets were situated in a high gallery.

Regards, John

Post by terence January 29, 2008 (2 of 4)
thanks for review G.

is there any applause at end/beginning?

Post by Geohominid January 29, 2008 (3 of 4)
terence said:

is there any applause at end/beginning?

No applause - all very respectful!

Post by akiralx October 31, 2012 (4 of 4)
This is a very good Requiem. Sonically excellent, most strikingly during the quiet sections where the outstanding chorus sound very present with great clarity.

The soloists are also very good, the women especially.