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Discussion: Sibelius: Symphonies Nos. 5 & 7 - Davis

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Post by ClassicalDJ January 22, 2014 (41 of 44)
hiredfox said:


As far as the even more famous Davis / Boston recordings go the thread title disc remains the only one to make it to SACD. This is one of the music world's greatest frustrations and sins, surely somebody could re-master the old tapes in DSD. Philips recorded them so where are they Pentatone? A ready and eager customer base, what's not to like?


Post by RWetmore January 22, 2014 (42 of 44)

No. For us it is not economical to invest in new converters, as we use many and we are very happy with the quality also of our exisiting Meitners.

Well, I think the A/D converters your using and have used are significantly flawed (i.e. artificially soften and 'round' the sound too much). So much so I don't buy your SACD recordings anymore unless they're PCM based (I've been thoroughly disappointed too many times).

Post by RWetmore January 22, 2014 (43 of 44)

Have you ever heard or tested the Grimm DSD converter? Are you aware they now have an upgrade option for it to do DSD at 128x? Perhaps even new ones bought now will have it built in automatically? I've heard Grimm makes theirs to order and does not keep stock inventory.

Post by Luukas July 29, 2015 (44 of 44)
We have here the original version of "En Saga". It is over 200 bars longer than the final version - refreshing experience. I've owned the disc about ten years now, and it is still very interesting.
NOTE: The album is 2.0 stereo CD only, it isn't multi-channel SACD.

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