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Post by krisjan December 20, 2008 (11 of 16)
TerraEpon said:

A lot of people, though, consider it one of the worst (if not the worst) things Beethoven wrote. Then again, most of them praise Symphony #3 to the nines too...

So, what exactly do you have against Sym 3? I think it is a fantastic score. FYI, I am not a fan of Wellington.

Post by Johnno December 20, 2008 (12 of 16)
krisjan said:

Today marks the 238th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven. In commemoration, please list your three favorite works of his. Yes, I know this is a fluid thing and it changes over time. Hey, I'll start!

String Quartet in c-sharp minor, Op.131

Symphony No.3 in e-flat, Op.55

Piano Trio in D, Op.70, No.1

Okay - what are yours?

My first two choices are exactly the same as yours. My third is another late quartet: the B flat, opus 130 (and I suppose I have to be fair by selecting the later, alternative finale rather than the original Grosse Fuge), with the A minor, opus 132 quartet a very close fourth.

Post by DSD December 20, 2008 (13 of 16)
Daland said:

Try this version on SACD, coupled with the indicental music to Egmont (with songs and extracts in Dutch):

Challenge Classics
Orkest van het Oosten
Jan Willen de Vriend (conductor)

I think this reading is at least better than the RPO version. It is not easy to get, though. I ordered my copy from HMV Japan.

Thanks I've added it to my wish list!

Post by tream December 22, 2008 (14 of 16)
DSD said:

My three favorite Beethoven works are:

Symphony No. 6 in F Major "Pastoral"
Egmont Overture
Wellington’s Victory

Happy birthday Ludwig!

An interesting list. My first inclination was to sniff at the Wellington's Victory (to me it is a novelty piece that earned Beethoven lots of money, and doesn't have a whole lot of music in it) but then I remembered that I adore the 1812 Overture......I have a R2R tape of Dorati conducting this, which I bought on ebay and have never listened is now getting to be a good time. The cover lists the LSO, as well as 2 6-pound smooth bore cannon, a 12 pound howitzer, both French and British pattern muskets, all under the direction of Gerald C. Stowe and fired by the "Reactivated Civil War Unit, Battery B, 2nd New Jersy Light Artillery" - whew!

Post by Ken_P December 22, 2008 (15 of 16)
Can I cheat and list the Op. 131 quartet three times? It's my favorite piece not only of Beethoven, but in all of music. The other two...

c# quartet, Op. 131
Symphony no. 8 (yes 8, not a typo)
Piano Concerto no.5 "Emperor"

Lot of others of course, Pathetique sonata, Hammerklavier, Diabelli variations, violin concerto, etc.

Post by krisjan December 23, 2008 (16 of 16)
I also heard recently that LvB himself considered the Op.131 quartet to be his best opus in that genre. What a sublime piece of music!

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