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Post by humsta May 7, 2009 (1 of 61)
I actually discovered this site by following the reference tag here on the Wiki SACD page.

In the last few days, an edit war has broken out on the SACD wiki page

when some DVD-Audio supporters turned up and tried to make substantial changes to the SACD page: things like

- trying to bolster the sales data on DVD-Audio (isn't it basically dead now?),
- removing anything vaguely upbeat about SACD
- they tried removing the list of famous artists on SACD
- removed claims that there is more high-resolution content on SACD than other formats;
- they tried to use the RIAA stats on SACD numbers to argue there were no sales of SACDs (the talk page states that the RIAA count all hybrid SACDs as CD sales - not as SACDs - so it would be a gross invalid measure of SACD sales) etc.

The worst offender is someone called Binksternet.

If you have an existing Wiki account, you can contribute to the page at:

and also to the discussion page at:

Have fun

Roger and out


Post by audioholik May 7, 2009 (2 of 61)
it was probably someone from Stereophile ;-)

Post by soundboy May 7, 2009 (3 of 61)
audioholik said:

it was probably someone from Stereophile ;-)

You mean

Who actually trust anyway? LOL

Post by Sam May 7, 2009 (4 of 61)
Wikipedia is the biggest time waster in the world. Perfectly good pages get ruined all the time. Then fixed. Then ruined again...

The only good thing about it is its comprehensiveness (of course this one positive attribute is also what most Wikipedia editors dislike!)

Post by audioholik May 7, 2009 (5 of 61)
wikipedia provides quite good definition of SACD...

"Super Audio CD (SACD) is a high-resolution read-only optical audio disc format designed to provide high resolution audio in both stereo and surround sound, in contrast to the old audio CD format which cannot provide high-resolution audio, nor any kind of surround sound. Introduced in 1999, SACD was developed by Sony and Philips Electronics, the same companies that created the Compact Disc. SACD was in a format war with DVD-Audio. As of May 2009, the number of titles released on SACD is approximately 20 times larger than available in any other high-resolution format"

Post by michi May 7, 2009 (6 of 61)
Actually, it's probably some kiddie.

You talk to the younger folks and they're still wrapped up in the whole "LOL SONY=ROOTKIT" crapola. When Slashdot mentions Sony, for any reason, one of the keywords always included is "rootkit".

(Nevermind that this 'drm' "rootkit", wasnt really a 'rootkit' and wasnt really exactly by Sony. It was a SunComm DRM package that they used, yes, and it 'could have been exploited, maybe.')

In any case, the "Give me it in MP3, and give it to me for free" crowd has had a real bad taste in their mouth about Sony. It's probably part of the reason why PS3 has been suffering.

So, someone probably has a beef with Sony and in turn SACD. I doubt it's a DVD-A supporter. It's more likely some torrent-sucking 18 year old Engadget twerp with white earbuds plugged into his head 24/7.

But I'm not bitter or anything.

Post by DSD May 7, 2009 (7 of 61)
Nice information however the "Download" section has a lot of misinformation or "old" outdated information on it.

Current iTunes 8 encodes music files up to 32 Bit 192kHz. My MAC Mini's core audio is limited to 24 Bit 96kHz. I don't believe there are any modern computers MAC or PC limited to only 48kHz as the article states, in fact there are some newer PC's that come with built in sound cards that play 192kHz. And one can always add an external DAC if they have a computer limited internally to 48kHz. The article wrongfully states most computers are limited to 48kHz.

Someone with an an existing Wiki account needs to correct this section.

Post by Perigo May 8, 2009 (8 of 61)
humsta said:

In the last few days, an edit war has broken out on the SACD wiki page

Wikipedia has not been never the 'absolute' to obtain a correct information.
Please, keep it well in mind!

Post by Ear May 8, 2009 (9 of 61)
They cite The Offspring as artists with SACD releases. That is a mistake, or did I miss something???

Post by The Seventh Taylor May 8, 2009 (10 of 61)
DSD said:

Someone with an an existing Wiki account needs to correct this section.

Unless the page is protected (following repeated vandalism) you don't need an account to correct it.

Besides, it only takes a minute to make an account and it's free.

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