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Post by FullRangeMan January 18, 2010 (31 of 35)
Goodwood said:

Well actually his "smooth" tone started on a Yamaha SG2000 long, long before PRS existed. Listen to Moonflower - it sounds exactly the same.

Yes indeed. Actually I like much more this years guitar tone like the double live MoonFlower album and the ''Europa song hitg(Amigos)'', tham the upcoming 90s years albums.

In the 1990 album ''Spirits Dancing in the Flesh''
his guitar tone is no more so rich and beautiful in the mid range, as in the past, it become a synthesized and expressionless monotone timbre, my ears say it is a effect
(pedal or rack filter, compressor, limiter etc).
In this 1990 album or around this album Santana Band albums concept change to and are only about Africa issues, and less(nothing) about Latin Rock.

Post by depeche76 March 5, 2010 (32 of 35)
for me, Abraxas SACD sounds great, i would give it a 9.5, but i just want to mention i used to have analog connections for my audio receiver and the sound was awful, with an extremely lack of bass (this also was present in almost every stereo SACD, for example: The Police or Peter Gabriel SACD´s).

But everything changed when i connected my SACD player through HDMI (1.3), all the Stereo and Multichannel SACD´s sounds superb (with a lot of exceptions of course).

The only thing i could complain about Abraxas SACD is that if you turn up the volume too much, you could hear a lot of hiss, but you need to take into consideration this album was recorded a lot of years ago. For me is an excellent SACD.

Post by Perigo March 6, 2010 (33 of 35)
depeche76 said:

The only thing i could complain about Abraxas SACD is that if you turn up the volume too much, you could hear a lot of hiss

Right, but on my system I hear distinctly the noise (hum) of guitar tube amplifier.

Post by rammiepie March 6, 2010 (34 of 35)
Maybe so, but on a stellar audio system, the DTS version of Santana "Abraxas" is a mind~bending experience. Dense mixes like Abraxas demand the full multi~channel treatment and since this mix exists I am hoping that Analogue Productions commissions it and uses the Grimm Audio Converter for what I would consider the ultimate definitive version. Reviewers who consider the DTS version suspect HAVE JUST NOT HEARD IT PROPERLY DECODED! In any event, a 2010 remaster is necessary along with ALL Santana's output.

Post by bru87tr March 9, 2010 (35 of 35)
$60-70 for a SACD you really want, is not alot of money in the end.

I use to think that way till I paid alot more for one I could not find, after passing on it when it was easily available.

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