Thread: New release from VELUT LUNA italian audiophile label: SACD + DVD-A from the same recording

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Post by ludomentis February 8, 2005 (1 of 1)
Franz Liszt 12 Great Piano Studies, extraordinarily played by the gifted Liszt expert Massimo Gon, was recorded by Marco Lincetto and Matteo Costa using a one-set microphone and a one-set microphonic preamplifier with two identical double line-outs. The analogical signal was then saved in two identical multistandard recording hard disks (GENEX GX 9048) with two different formats, native DSD (=SACD) and PCM 24bit / 192Khz (= DVD-A). The analogical starting signal was therefore converted into two perfectly identical masters: one with a DSD SACD standard and the other with a 24bits / 192Khz DVD-A standard. Velut Luna releases them now in a single elegant cased edition containing a SACD and a DVD-A (both stereo and multichannel), regularly on sale on this website, directory SPOT RELEASES. It is the first time ever that a music publisher offers to those who own either a universal multiformat player or two different music playing systems the chance to enjoy such dissimilar listening concepts at the same time. The DVD-A also includes an extraordinary track recorded in native 24bit / 192 kHz, the legendary format known by almost everybody but whose great potential could be listened only by few lucky ones.

It includes: one DVD Audio and one SACD Hybrid (SACD layer + CD layer), both stereo and multichannel

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