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Discussion: Wagner: The Symphonic Ring - Darlington

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Post by FullRangeMan February 13, 2010 (1 of 3)
Castor review is right, this Ecousence SACD is a shinning star among a plethora of Wagner SACDs on the market.
IF you can own only one Wagner SACD this is the one, this gem have the right stuff to please a veteran W fan or a novice one.

This is my kind of SACD, Stereo only, single layer, long time(31 tracks, 92:50), suberb recording in 24bits/176/192kHz and a gorgeous colour booklet with lots of interesting photos,
suberb performance, that make my imagination fly with the music, not call my attention on a new ''modern'' arragement.
Mr.Friedmann Dressler have my congratulation for this new symphonic score, surely a herculanean work, Me.Jonathan Darlington is outstanding too in his podium, with a vibrant and
emotional performance, that is all about the musical art. You can not wrong with this SACD, highly recommended for W fans or orchestral music fans, and mainly for good music fans..
17,50Euros for this SACD is a bargain, I look forward for more Acousence SACDs.
Track List:
>> RheinGold (6 tracks, 12:57)
1 Vorspiel Rheingold 4:35
2 Gesang der Rheintöchter 0:55
3 Alberichs Liebesfluch 2:39
4 Die Götterburg "Walhall" 1:27
5 Das Schmieden 1:44
6 Donners Ruf 1:37

>> Walküre (9 tracks, 27:13)
..7 Vorspiel Walküre 1:08
..8 Siegmund und Sieglinde 2:51
..9 Die "Winterstürme" 3:59
10 Siegmund und Sieglinde Flucht 0:45
11 Vorspiel 2. Aufzug Walküre 2:12
12 Wotans Rache 1:23
13 Walkürenritt (Vorspiel 3. Aufzug) 2:54
14 Wotans Abschied 7:15
15 "Feuerzauber" 4:47

>> Siegfried (5 tracks, 11:41)
16 Vorspiel 2. Aufzug Siegfried 4:07
17 "Waldweben" 2:14
18 Siegfrieds Kampf mit dem Drachen 1:01
19 Fafners Mahnung 1:40
20 Vorspiel 3. Aufzug Siegfried 2:39

>> GotterDämmerung (11 tracks, 40:59)
21 Nacht auf Brünnhildes Felsen 1:50
22 Sonnenaufgang 2:01
23 DuettSiegfried-Brünnhilde 3:31
24 Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt 5:40
25 Hagens Notruf 1:02
26 Chor der Mannen 1:11
27 Vorspiel 3. Aufzug Götterdämmerung 4:08
28 Ermordung Siegfrieds 2:16
29 Siegfrieds Erinnerung an Brünnhilde 3:25
30 Siegfrieds Tod und Trauermarsch 7:59
31 Brünnhildes Schlussgesang 7:56

Post by FullRangeMan February 23, 2010 (2 of 3)
Good News, all this album music is for free listen at the Acousence Site:

Post by breydon_music February 24, 2010 (3 of 3)
FullRangeMan said:

Good News, all this album music is for free listen at the Acousence Site:

Having listened to all/some of it online, buy it!!! It is absolutely superb, you have the choice of 1 single layer SACD, or a package with this PLUS a 2-RBCD set of the same thing to play elsewhere for only a smidge more. Acousence need to be encouraged to release SACD versions of their catalogue - there are some truly mouth watering things in their back catalogue. I am not a Wagner scholar and cannot therefore review this disc but I know what I hear - this in every way knocks the Chandos/Jarvi disc into the proverbial cocked hat.