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Discussion: Liaisons, Vol. 2 - Dejan Lazic

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Post by Arthur March 2, 2010 (1 of 2)
I see MDT has Channel Classics on sale at $13.64/disc, which is great by US standards (where Channel is usually in the low to mid $20's.). I'm thinking about picking up a few.

This one intrigues me, but Lazic is known for his rather wayward performances sometimes. Would either of you who recommended choose to comment?


Post by channel April 26, 2011 (2 of 2)
Arnaldo said:

Jared mentioned in a post way back in October that a Vol 3 on Lazic's Liaisons series was forthcoming, with Carl Philip Bach and Britten (/showthread/57125/60237/y#60237).

I've been enjoyed this short series immensely, specially the 1st volume with Scarlatti and Bartok, which felt really more like "Contrasts" than "Liaisons." Either way, I was just wondering when to expect Vol 3...

working on it now as I write... (really!)
Hopefully will have finished product before the summer. Problem is that Dejan goes on tour starting this week for 6 weeks so little time to get back to me with comments. But then again he has time in hotel rooms and airports!