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Post by canonical April 9, 2010 (11 of 17)
seth said:

In fairness, I guess they should have a blanket disclaimer that says that some CDs may have "cutouts" where a piece of the jewel case and insert have literally been cutout.

They do have a disclaimer somewhere on the site which notes that "some may have a hole drilled or a notch cut into the case". I am quite used to this as I have bought from them many times.

But that's not the issue here at all. In fact, I have no problem with damage to the case - I can replace the case. The issue is (i) drilling through the BOOKLET (which is irreplaceable), and (ii) Berkshire not mentioning this on their web site and then selling it as if it was mint.

If they state that the booklet is damaged, and you don't care: that's fine: you know what you are getting, and that's that. But for them to sell these damaged booklets as if they are mint seems completely wrong.

Post by Beet Red April 9, 2010 (12 of 17)
Aren't you splitting hairs just a bit? The disclaimer states "..some may have a hole drilled or a notch cut into the case". Do you honestly think those operations on five dollar pieces of plastic are done with surgical precision so as to avoid the booklet?

Post by pgmdir April 9, 2010 (13 of 17)
I think it's safe to say that most of us are aware that we are getting cut-outs, overruns, and even merchandise from distressed dealers. That's what outlet stores carry. I would think that some distributors would certainly toss unused promo copies in as well. Regardless, if you don't want to take a chance on a saw mark or a hole, don't buy from Berkshire. I wouldn't pay anthing near full price for such items, but at Berkshire's prices, I'll be happy to put up with a mark. I ususally change the jewel box anyway--they're cheap enough that I'm still ahead.

Post by sibelius2 April 9, 2010 (14 of 17)
Everything Berkshire sells is in the same condition as they received it from the manufacturer. Occasionally you will see them list an item with a disclaimer, such as "PLEASE NOTE: SEVERE CUT IN SPINE" (use of all caps theirs.) I understand your disappointment in receiving a disc with a hole drilled through both the case and the booklet, but the fact is that that hole was put there by the record label, not by anyone at Berkshire, and it's a common enough practice that Berkshire would not feel it necessary to mention it in a disclaimer.

Record labels do this so that they don't have to be concerned with copies of discs which they either gave away as promotional copies or sold for pennies as bargain items getting returned to them for full credit. If they're reducing inventory of a title but keeping it in print, then they also know that they don't have to worry about the bargain-priced cutout copies getting marked up to full price by unscrupulous retailers.

You complain that they are offering these items "as if they are mint" but they make no such claim; the discs themselves qualify as "new" (as opposed to "used") because they are usually still sealed in the factory shrinkwrap and have never been removed from the packaging to be played (or scratched up, or have coffee poured on them.) The only way to be guaranteed you'll receive a copy of a disc with packaging in mint condition is to purchase it new from a source which does not deal with cutouts and bargain items - and be willing to pay the premium which comes with that guarantee.

Post by humsta April 9, 2010 (15 of 17)
Beet Red said:

Aren't you splitting hairs just a bit? The disclaimer states "..some may have a hole drilled or a notch cut into the case".

If that's all the disclaimer says, they shouldn't be shipping out damaged booklets. Simple. If the booklet is damaged, they should say so. If I was buying CDs to rip, I prolly wouldn't care. But if I was buying SACDs, well you r not buying to rip, r u? U buy to keep. And I'd never buy a damaged booklet.

Just tell the company they sent you bodgy stock, and ask them to send you some with clean booklets. Otherwise, dispute the transaction.

If this was an Amazon or ebay dealer, they'd get serious negative feedback pronto with dodgy practises. That's why I like ebay and Amazon: u can see who the bad dealers are quickly.

Post by Beet Red April 9, 2010 (16 of 17)
I can replace the case.
Come to think of it, if you can so easily circumvent the manufacturer's desire to mark the disc as an overstock by relacing the case, isn't it obvious they would mark the booklet as well?

Post by rammiepie April 9, 2010 (17 of 17)
My last two batches from Berkshire were in perfect condition with NO punch holes nor cuts through the spines. In particular, the Pentatones were perfect and were carefully shipped from Berkshire. I am sure on occasion, there are problems but even the occasional Philips or Decca SACDs which I've received were flawless. Sorry some of you have experienced otherwise and from the photo a downright travesty. Occasionally, some of their product and prices are way below retail and my first concern would be the collectibility factor of a title that may or has gone out of print and might never be available again at any price. As long as the physical disc is in no way damaged would be my primary concern unless resale of the product is your major concern. But let's be frank: for US $8.99, these meticulous Pentatone restorations of Philips Quadro masters in 4.0 multichannel represent a greater bargain than the $70 stereo only Teac-Esoteric restorations of Decca and DG material. I know......don't compare.....but, why NOT?

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