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Discussion: Albéniz Iberia and Granados Goyescas - Artur Pizarro

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Post by Kal Rubinson April 17, 2010 (1 of 6)
Absolutely lovely.

Post by rammiepie April 17, 2010 (2 of 6)
Kal Rubinson said:

Absolutely lovely.

After ascertaining that this release was indeed an SACD, I ordered mine immediately from Crochet. Lucky you, you received a pre~release copy and we expect a full review in Stereophile! BTW, Kal, have you installed the new Beta firmware upgrade in your OPPO BDP~83. Not only did it eliminate the annoying clicks/pops between track transitions, it also enabled the player to play blu-rays which wouldn't play at all. And I STRONGLY advise the use of SIMS CD damper (available from Music Direct for $40) as it elevates the player to a new level (and this through the Meridian 621 into the 861). THIS IS NOT SNAKE OIL is a DRAMATIC improvement (the surrounds will also be more prominent).

Post by Arthur November 11, 2010 (3 of 6)
I read Geohominid's review with intense interest as I have been listening to this recording for about two weeks now and while my impressions are similar, my opinion about those impressions differ radically. BTW I have not even tried the Iberia yet as the Goyescas has barely managed to come out of my player!

I should say at the outset that though John characterizes de Larrocha's performances as being pretty much the standard, that standard was never very convincing to me. What we get here is an approach to these works as over-sized tone poems. The closest recording I can think of is by Luisada (which I also loved); but Pizarro so clearly revels in is own physical prowess as a pianist that in fact I found the readings quite thrilling! To me the love duet did not drag despite the admittedly daringly slow speed. I suspect that for whatever reason John must not have been captured by Pizarro's vision - and without buying in, I'm sure it would drag. But for me, I was simply captured by Pizarro, who grabbed me by the throat and simply wouldn't let me go. His playing screamed at me: this is how IT MUST BE! Who was I to argue?

The sound is decent, but I suspect the piano was miked a little more closely than I would find ideal: in loud passages it doesn't really blossom, but sounds a little congested. Despite this minor issue, this recording will take a valued spot in my collection!

Post by wehecht November 11, 2010 (4 of 6)
Kal Rubinson said:

Absolutely lovely.

I didn't catch up with this release till a few weeks ago, but I agree completely. For several years my standard for Iberia has been Marc Andre Hamelin's set on Hyperion that Mr. Miller mentions in his review. I've also heard Hamelin perform the complete Iberia live in recital and what he accomplishes almost defies belief. So I won't be giving away my Hamelin cds, but this new set from Linn is just so beautiful that it will probably be in my player even more frequently.

Post by Doug Otte February 8, 2015 (5 of 6)
I enjoy Pizarro's earnestness and deep feeling in the performances. I have no other recordings to compare his tempi, etc.

However, although the recording quality is generally pretty good, there's a brittle graininess to the upper register that I find very distracting. Is it the piano or the recording? Maybe it was converted from PCM? Has anyone else noticed this?

By comparison, other good piano SACDs I have don't exhibit this defect. A few examples:
Crumb - Makrocosmos - Ugelvik (this is probably the best-recorded piano SACD I own);
Chopin - Ballades/Sherzos - Rubinstein;
Ravel - Complete Volume 2 - Pizarro (!)

Post by Clavicembalisticum February 8, 2015 (6 of 6)
For my taste, it pales in comparison to Yoram Ish-Hurwitz's discs on the Turtle Records label in both sound and performances. Pizarro is much less intense.