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Post by zeus November 17, 2003 (1 of 5)
In case you haven't noticed, Naxos seems to be going through the titles previously available on DVD-A and issuing these as SACDs in Hong Kong. Recently announced titles include:

Ferde Grofé: Grand Canyon Suite etc. - Stromberg
Elgar: Symphony No. 3 - Paul Daniel

(Whether Naxos went back to the original 24-bit/176kHz recording of the Elgar for the conversion to DSD is unknown.)

Also, available in Europe in January is their Holst: Planets with RSNO and David Lloyd-Jones. It's available for pre-order now from and presumably shortly. I'll add the links here:

Progress, at least.


Post by Dinko November 17, 2003 (2 of 5)
This Naxos thing is weird, but encouraging. Though really, I wouldn't buy any of their Yablonsky recordings on SACD. The CDs were cheap, and even for cheap they were pretty poor frisbees the music of which was done much better by others elsewhere.

Post by Johnno December 13, 2003 (3 of 5)
Thanks for this information, Stephen. I've just read this article and was both intrigued and pleased to note that Naxos are using a very high sampling rate(176.4kHz) along with 24-bit quantization for some of their PCM masters. I certainly wasn't aware that their DVD-As would be of such high quality. (I wonder if the David Lloyd-Jones "Planets" was similarly recorded?) Assuming they do use those masters to produce the DSDs, the resulting SACDs should be really excellent.

Post by zeus December 31, 2003 (4 of 5)
Naxos finally has a SACD section on their main web site. Go to:

Click on "New Releases" (top left), then "Europe etc", then "Naxos SACD". Only the Holst/Planets is currently listed ... but it's a start!

Post by Johnno January 8, 2004 (5 of 5)
As you say, Stephen, they're seeing the light. Why can't other companies follows suit?