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Post by Dogmahler September 4, 2011 (1 of 3)
I see that the Onkyo TX-SR805 receiver is often recommended in these forums. I purchased a used Onkyo on Ebay and thought I would summarize my experience as I bought it specifically for SACD Playback. I connected a Sony Blu-ray BDP-S570 (Costco version) to play SACDs in DSD mode with output through a separate Emotiva amplifier.

On two occasions, the system played a extremely loud continuous noise blast, like a fog horn, from all five speakers, which damaged a surround speaker cone and left my ears numb for several days. I believe this occurred when I switched to DVD which is connected to the Sony BDP Blu-ray via HDMI. I turned off the Onkyo and returned it to factory settings and it would work normally again. Other symptom included 1) the switched power outlet used to trigger the external amplifier to turn on was acting like an unswitched outlet and 2) the mute button on the remote would turn up the volume up to the maximum +40db. These problems were also solved a factory reset but then the Audyssey settings were erased. The system would have to be reconfigured about every week when the mute problem returned.

Internet research showed that the TX-SR805 has a similar problem playing movies called the DTS-MA bomb which was corrected by a DSP firmware update. Internet research also indicated that the mute problem was corrected with a firmware update from 1.03 to 1.08. There was nothing on the intenet about a blast while playing SACDs.

I took the receiver to a local authorized service center who was willing to replace the DSP firmware (which I could have done myself) but would not update the main firmware. Onkyo technical support also claims the main firmware did not need to be replaced as the factory reset was sufficient. However, the mute blast problem kept returning and I was concerned that the full volume continuous blast may someday return as well. So, I kept taking the unit back to the service center (three times). Eventually, they agreed to replace the main control board ($75) for no extra labor which included the latest main firmware already included on the board.

So far, no there has not been an occurrence of problems with the switched outlet, mute blast, or full volume blast in about four months.

Onkyo should take this issue seriously as someone may receive serious hearing damage. Perhaps the problem is limited to DSD playback and is not widely reported like DTS for movies. It is very ironic that a device that is there to bring music might take it away instead by causing noise induced hearing loss.

Anyhow my recommendation before every buying a used Onkyo TX-SR805 is to confirm it has the latest 1.08 firmware. If you ever experience problems with the Mute button, I would not recommend further use of the system. It is better to have it fixed or even discard it rather than to continue to use the unit and risk hearing damage. And, please donít sell it on Ebay for someone else to deal with.

Post by FunkyMonkey September 5, 2011 (2 of 3)
How does it sound with a seperate power amp, and which speakers do you use?

Post by Dogmahler September 6, 2011 (3 of 3)
Sorry I have never really performed a comparison with and without the amplifier since I aleady had the amplifier when I bought the 805. My old receiver did not have enough power to drive the MB Quart Alexxa floor standing speakers (so I bought the amplifer) nor could it accept either the DSD or PCM input from the Sony blu-ray player, so I bought the 805. Overall it sounds very good to me but I do not have much of a reference.