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Discussion: Bruckner: Symphony No. 7 - Karajan

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Post by akiralx April 30, 2012 (1 of 4)
My question with this is whether the editing error prevalent on all but the first EMI CD release have been corrected.


'This legendary recording has been in the catalog since it was issued back in the 1970's. Its first appearance on CD (EMI CDM 7 69923 2) came through OK since the engineers inserted all the edits. But all subsequent re-masterings have omitted bars 35-38 from the finale! EMI had been told about this error before but they chose to ignore it.

Subsequently, when Yoshio Okazaki re-mastered the recording for Toshiba in Japan in 2006, he perpetuated EMI's error. The MHS CD suffers from the same defect. Happily, EMI is now acknowledging the error and is supplying corrected discs. Unhappily, it appears that the faulty recording was used in EMI's recent 160 CD Karajan commemorative set.'

If they remain, it's a nonstarter...

Post by Claude April 30, 2012 (2 of 4)
According to this page, there exist as many correct as incorrect CD reissues, so there is hope Esoteric received a corrected master.

It's a 5 second difference, the duration of the finale should be 12:55 instead of 12:50.

The back cover of the Esoteric SACD says 12:54. This could either be the uncorrect edit with a longer silence at the end or beginning, or the correct edit with shorter silence.

Post by akiralx April 30, 2012 (3 of 4)
Thanks, v useful.

Post by JohnProffitt July 28, 2012 (4 of 4)
akiralx said:

Thanks, v useful.

What would really be useful would be our friends at Pentatone getting the rights to the original multichannel analog masters of this and the contemporary Bruckner Symphony 4 that Karajan recorded in the Jesus Christus Kirche in Berlin. EMI Electrola did issue both as SQ Quadraphonic LP albums back in the 1970s, and they would sound terrific given the Pentatone RQR treatment!

Any comment, Pentaman?! :-)