Thread: What was the best quality sounding SACD you bought in the last 12 months ?

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Post by windhoek October 8, 2012 (11 of 42)
I've just been blown away by two SHM-SACDs - Dire Straits' eponymous album and 10CC's The Original Soundtrack. Although both sounded superb, I'm Not in Love gave me goosebumps like I've not had in a long time. Even though both cost about £43 delivered from Japan (including UK VAT), I'd easily pay that again if I knew all other SHM-SACDs would sound that good.

Post by Fugue October 8, 2012 (12 of 42)
One is the new Linn disc of Zelenka Sonatas--wow! Stunning presence and clarity.

Post by photogravure October 8, 2012 (13 of 42)
For classical I cast another vote for Fischer's Mahler 1.
Also several Non-profit Music discs, particularly Kapustin Double Piano Concerto and Play It Again,both stunning.
For jazz, hands down for Helge Sunde's DeNada. A sonic roller coaster ride.
Contemporary hard-to-classify: Spark's Downtown Illusions, another big winner that remains un-reviewed. A great new group you can check out on you-tube.

Post by samayoeruorandajin October 8, 2012 (14 of 42)
Fischer's Mahler 1 on Channel, Kitajenko's Tchaikovsky 1 and Manfred on Oehms.

Post by akiralx October 8, 2012 (15 of 42)
I have enjoyed all of the Zacharias Mozart concerti SACDs.

Also Volodos in Vienna and Schumann: Piano Sonata No. 1 Op. 11, Fantasia Op. 17 - Jin Ju are very good.

Post by Links October 8, 2012 (16 of 42)
Euell Neverno said:

This is tough, because there have been so many good ones this year. While chamber is some of my favorite listening, the toughest sound to record is, of course, full orchestra and choral. From the standpoint of sound alone, Fischer's Mahler 1 on Pentatone stands out and Gilbert's Nielsen 2&3 on DeCapo is also a winner. The Pittsburg Mahler series on Exton is right up there too. And, for choral, the sound of the Striggio Mass for 40 and 60 Voices on Glossa will not disappoint.

Uh, check your label again.
It's Fischer's Mahler 1 on Channel Classics.

Post by Dead Man October 8, 2012 (17 of 42)
Neck and neck between the long-awaited Wish You Were Here release and the stunning transfer of Paranoid. Neither were cheap (SHM-SACDs in particular cost a bit after all) but both worth every cent and both gave my new speakers a first day workout a few months back. Might terrorise the neighbours again tonight...

Post by Lute October 9, 2012 (18 of 42)
Vox Silentii's release of Passio Sanctarum Filiarum
The Sound and the Fury's releases of Ockeghem, Fauges...
Dufay Ensemble's release of Josquin Desprez: Stabat Mater...
Flanders Recorder Quartet's releases of... The Dark is My Delight, and Nowel, Nowel!...
Emma Kirkby & Jakob Lindberg's Musique and Sweet Poetrie
Vivante's release of Giovanni Kapsperger "Li Fiori"
Dresdner Kammerchor's release of Heinrich Schutz's Musikalische Exequien
Joseph Kelemen's Baroque Organ series...Lubeck, Pachelbel, Weckmann...
William Carter's Santiago de Murcia - La Guitarra Espanola
Gustav Leonhardt's release of Bach's Well-tempered Clavier

Just to name a few!!

Post by stvnharr October 9, 2012 (19 of 42)
The new NY Phil Nielsen on da Capo stands out to me.

Post by chenzl October 9, 2012 (20 of 42)
Most of my SACDs lately are from BIS and Chandos. They seldom disappoint in sound quality.

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