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Post by tream January 8, 2004 (1 of 6)
From High Fidelity Review:

Warner Music to Drop DVD Audio?
An article in the U.K.'s Financial Times by Richard Milne provided the biggest news of the day in the High Resolution Audio arena and talk at CES. In it, Milne highlighted some of the progress the Super Audio CD format has made over the past year with some of their big name releases including the Bob Dylan Remastered Series, Sting's "Scared Love" album, Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon", The Police and the Rolling Stones Remastered Series.

He notes that some of the titles, primarily those being released as "single inventory" discs where the Hybrid SACD serves as both the SACD and standard CD release of the album, are selling quite well, with several titles moving over 100,000 units - a target seen as an indicator of strong sales in the industry. The article also quotes officials at Universal Music, Acoustic Sounds, Sony and Philips citing audiophile interest in the format and its high quality audio and copy protection aspects.

However, the section of the article that drew the most attention is Milne's comment that "Warner is the only one of the five record majors not producing SACDs and rumours abound that it will soon pull out of DVD-A." There has much speculation about where Warner Music will go in the high resolution audio market now that the Music Division is being sold off to the Bronfman Group. AOL Time Warner has owned some Intellectual Property (IP) used in the DVD Audio format and this has given them a strong incentive to remain faithful to the DVD-A format and their DVD-A release plans. If the IP rights remain at AOL Time Warner after the sale of the Music Division is complete, the new owner may not have the same financial incentive to continue in that direction. We will watch and see what develops next.

Post by Johnno January 8, 2004 (2 of 6)
When I heard that the Bronfman Group had purchased the music division from AOL Time Warner, I wondered whether there would be a change in direction regarding SACD. That last paragraph is especially interesting and I'm sure we shall all be watching events with considerable interest.

Whle we are all aware that EMI has produced SACDs it is, however, worth mentioning that its Classics division still doesn't appear to be showing much interest in SACD.

Post by Dinko January 8, 2004 (3 of 6)
Also take note of this article:

Where Toshiba is announcing a new batch of players which feature SACD playback side by side with DVDAudio.

Post by Johnno January 9, 2004 (4 of 6)
Very interesting. It looks as if the DVD-A consortium realises it can no longer ignore SACD.

Post by Dinko January 9, 2004 (5 of 6)
You could probably say the same thing about the SACD side. HFR was reporting last week I think that Philips was developing some DVDA hardware.

Post by soundboy January 9, 2004 (6 of 6)
Dinko said:

You could probably say the same thing about the SACD side. HFR was reporting last week I think that Philips was developing some DVDA hardware.

I believe the HFR article in question was about Philips developing an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) universal drive to be sold to hardware manufacturers. I can understand that from a hardware manfacturer's point of view. That's different from supporting DVD-A from the software side.