Thread: Channel Classics goes SACD only

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Post by zeus January 12, 2004 (1 of 2)
From Channel Classics web site:

"All releases are Super Audio, recorded in Super Audio as hybrid CDís to be played on your normal CD player if you do not have a SACD player. We are not [releasing] a separate normal CD anymore. They take too much space in the warehouse and a good deal of our distributors are only taking SACD only releases."

Post by Johnno January 12, 2004 (2 of 2)
What a sensible idea. Actually, when I was SACD shopping yesterday, I was given a Channel Classics Sampler CD and every excerpt on it (with two from Rachel Podger's Vivaldi "La Stravaganza" concerti, incidentally) was mentioned as being an SACD/CD hybrid.

My only disappointment was that, when I put the disc into my SACD player and set it up for SACD, it reverted to plain ol' CD! Never mind.

I've ordered two discs from that sampler.