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Note: The high resolution content is Blu-ray Audio only.
  Rush: Fly by Night
Track listing:
  1. Anthem
2. Best I Can
3. Beneath, Between & Behind
4. By-Tor & the Snow Dog
5. Fly by Night
6. Making Memories
7. Rivendell
8. In the End
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Review by Marpow February 1, 2015 (5 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
Rush: Fly by Night BD~A Stereo and 5.1 Surround

Performance: Not my favorite Rush disc but I have to admit this performance comes to life on this HFPA. Lee's vocals are still at there highest as he still has youth in his vocal chords, Leifson is always good and Peart well again nothing to say as these three are of the most talented musicians in the rock world.
This album is Rush's 1975 release, there 2nd and first with drummer Neil Peart.

Note: Rush will be releasing 14 albums from the Mercury era the 12 months of 2015. Unfortunately only this disc, A Farewell To Kings, and Signals, will be released in Blu Ray Audio discs. Lets hope this will change.

Stereo Sonics: are just OK, but this is not the point of purchase.

5.1 Sonics: Awesome. Nothing flat or shrill. Can take your volume knob at any level. Mind blowing surround effects with echos Track 1 Anthem. By-Tor & Snow Dog reveals Peart's first drum solo which starts not as you would expect in front speakers, and I said, what the heck is this, a wasted opportunity, but then in a flash bounces to rear, awesome.
Some tracks for instance start off too fast? like a piece of the first note got clipped, some what annoying, but I am able to let it go. There is plenty of movement and gimmickry between speakers which I like. Some tracks like Making Memories, are just plain surround which is OK.
I listened via the DTS HD Master mode.

Packaging: Plastic case. Paper liner notes with remastering notes and partial lyrics. Download voucher. The on screen menu is clean and efficient. One negative as you move the cursor between menu items it is hard to tell as the lettering is white and does not change that much as you move. Photos are all of Lee and Leifson, except one that has all three.

Very good, overall I am happy but it does have a few areas where there is room for improvement. I of course wanted to give this disc 5 stars across the board but just didn't work out that way.

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