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  Analogue Productions -
  CAPP 823 SA
  Tony Bennett: Tony Bennett At Carnegie Hall
  Tony Bennett
Track listing:
  Part 1
1. Lullaby Of Broadway
2. Just In Time
3. All The Things You Are
4. Stranger In Paradise
5. Love Is Here To Stay
6. Climb Evíry Mountain
7. Olí Man River
8. It Amazes Me
9. Firefly
10. In San Francisco
11. How About You
12. April In Paris
13. Solitude
14. Iím Just A Lucky So And So

Part 2
15. Always
16. Anything Goes
17. Blue Velvet
18. Rags To Riches
19. Because Of You
20. What Good Does It Do
21. Lost In The Stars
22. One For My Baby
23. Lazy Afternoon
24. Sing You Sinners
25. Love Look Away
26. Sometimes I'm Happy
27. My Heart Tells Me
28. De Glory Road
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Recording info:

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Submitted by hasbro
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Review by analogue June 8, 2015 (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
1962/ 28 tracks/ 75 minutes

Tais live album certainly captures a great moment in time and the Carnegie Hall experience. The recording, a superb one at that, has been very well transferred in Dsd. There is a terrific symbiotic relationship between the vocals, the orchestra and the audience. The ebb and flow of this performance is impressive. The average length of time per track is rather brisk...a little over 2 minutes per track. If you are a fan of early Bennett and enjoy his singing this sacd is for you.

Bennett's voice is captured very well on this fabulous recording. Its dead center. Even when he sings with mucho gusto there is no strain. What I like about Bennett's voice is that it has a sweetness in the upper levels when he hits those parts as opposed to other vocalists who get a bit gritty and strained.
The orchestra, a good one sounds awesome. When they kick in high gear....again.....this recording captures it perfectly. Even the audience which gets out of hand a few times never seems strained or harsh. There were a few moments when the audience erupted with such fury I almost felt the need to stand up and take a bow.

Lets make a long story short, shall we?? This is a great recording not only because things are captured naturally but also because it gives us the Carnegie Hall sound and experience. If I were forced to use a single word for the quality of this sacd sound it would be NATURAL. And effortless at that.

Highly recommended.
Play this sacd very loudly.

Terrific job Mr. Smith on a very impressive sacd transfer.

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