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  Yellow Magic Orchestra: Ultimate Collection
  "Ultimate Collection"

Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO)
Track listing:
  Japanese Pop
  Single Layer
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Reviews: 2

Review by Marc P December 24, 2008 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
The first time I heard Yellow Magic Orchestra was when I was a still kid around 1982. I was impressed by the sound they produced and went looking for one of their albums. In those days japanese import record were really expensive, way out of my price range and really hard to get. So I never bought the record.
Many years later, long after YMO split Ryuichi Sakamoto became famous and was available every where on cd. I bought a couple of his albums which I liked, and again went out looking for YMO. And again, japanese imports were very hard to get your hands on, and way out of my price range.
These days, one can import cd's from where ever you want, but japanese imports are still way to expensive.
Still I took the step and bought this SA-CD, had it sent to me from Japan and until now I have not seen my creditcard bill so I have no clue how expensive it was. Guess around 40 euros including shipping. But it is worth every euro I payed for it.
Some great music, sound quality is sometimes excellent and so time not that good. But it is a greatest hits disc and I have heard on yet which sounds good all the way.
If you like 80's art-pop and have enough money to take a risk buy this album, pretty good chance you're gonna love it.

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Review by RKLA March 30, 2011
Performance:   Sonics:
A.K.A. "UCYMO" - This is a single layer double disc, which means you must use a Super Audio CD player. It is also a "stereo only" DSD Mastered release. It is additionally likely the only SA-CD that there will ever be by Y.M.O. - Yellow Magic Orchestra (Haruomi Hosono - Yukihiro Takahashi - Ryuichi Sakamoto).

For the hardcore Y.M.O. enthusiast, there are some unique tracks to this set, notably "Hirake Kohoro - Jiseki" from 1980, and an "advertising" version of "Behind The Mask" (for Seiko quartz watches). 34 tracks from all eras of Y.M.O., as selected by master keyboard player Ryuichi Sakamoto in 2003.

Beware! The jewel box is a size unique to Japan, and a replacement box is likely unavailable - if needed. The spine clearly has an SA-CD logo, so it's easy to tell it from the RBCD version.

The sound is uniformly excellent; a wonderful DSD mastering transfer. It's electronic music, and well suited to high definition (though some hiss does exist in places!), I doubt everything was a digital recording to begin with, though some of this material definitely was.

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