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  CRGL-10001-3 (3 discs)
  The Who: Live at the Royal Albert Hall
  "Live at the Royal Albert Hall"

The Who
Track listing:
  Disc 1:

1. I Can't Explain
2. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
3. Pinball Wizard
4. Relay
5. My Wife
6. The Kids Are Alright
7. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
8. Bargain
9. Magic Bus
10. Who Are You
11. Baba O'Riley

Disc 2:

1. Drowned
2. Heart To Hang Onto
3. So Sad About Us
4. I'm One
5. Getting In Tune
6. Behind Blue Eyes
7. You Better You Bet
8. The Real Me
9. 5:15
10. Won't Get Fooled Again
11. Substitute
12. Let's See Action
13. My Generation
14. See Me, Feel Me - Listening To You

Disc 3 (Stereo only):

1. Iím Free
2. I Donít Even Know Myself
3. Summertime Blues
4. Young Man Blues
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Reviews: 1

Review by imageten October 2, 2012
Performance:   Sonics:    
To be honest, this is the first SACD I have purchased that I am unhappy with. This album seems to be listed everywhere as multi-channel, but if it is, it does not perform as such on my surround system. I was really looking forward to getting this set, mainly just for a chance to hear Baba O'Riley in surround, but turned out to be very disappointed. Here are the specifics:

First of all, there is no low end at all on this recording. Being that these are some of Entwistles last performances, being able to hear the bass is extra important. Doesn't happen though. The mix seems very out of balance in general, with the drums and the bass being very quiet, and the vocals and guitar really overpowering everything else.

Secondly, the performances here from Roger, Pete and Zak are not nearly as good as they are capable of. I have seen all of these guys perform within the last year, and they are still amazing. This album does not seem to bring out the best in anyone, maybe because of the fact that there are a lot of guest players coming and going throughout the shows that represent this work, or maybe most of it is due to the poor recording. As far as the Ox's performance....well I would have let you know if I could have heard it.

All and all, this sounds like a poor quality bootleg recording from the audience. This goes to show that just because something is on a SA-CD, doesn't necessarily mean it is of high quality. If the multichannel is functional, I don't hear it. I have yet to try out the Japanese released SACD studio albums, but they are next on the list. Even without hearing them I can tell you you that you would probably be better off with any of those than this particular recording.

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