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  PentaTone Classics -
  PTC 5186 132
  Schubert: Lieder - Elly Ameling
  Elly Ameling (soprano)
Dalton Baldwin (piano)
Track listing:
  1. Das Lied im Grünen, Op. 115/1, D.917
2. Der Schmetterling, Op. 75/1, D.633
3. An die Nachtigall, Op. 98/1, D.497
4. An die Nachtigall, Op. 172/3, D.196
5. Der Wachtelschlag, Op. 68, D.742
6. Im Freien, Op. 80/3, D.880
7. Die Vögel, Op. 172/6, D.691
8. Fischerweise Op. 96/4, D.869
9. Die Gebüsche D.646
10. Im Haine Op. 56/3, D.738
11. Im Abendrot, D.799
12. Die Sterne, Op. 96/1, D.939
13. Nacht und Träume, Op. 43/2, D.827
14. Der liebliche Stern, D.861
15. Romanze from Rosamunde, Op. 26, D.797
16. Der Einsame, Op. 41, D.800
17. Schlummerlied, Op. 24/2, D.527
18. An Sylvia, Op. 106/4, D.891
19. Das Mädchen, D.652
20. Minnelied, D.429
21. Die Liebe hat gelogen, Op. 23/1, D.751
22. Du liebst mich nicht, Op. 59/1, D.756
23. An die Laute, Op. 81/2, D.905
24. Der Blumenbrief, D.622
25. Die Männer sind méchant, Op. 95/3, D.866
26. Seligkeit, D.433
  Classical - Vocal
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Reviews: 2

Review by Amfibius October 9, 2006 (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
This is another Pentatone reissure of a classic disc. The transfer is first rate - on my system I can hear no obvious faults with this SACD. It is not up to the standard of an audiophile demonstration disc - the imaging is a little bit too woolly for that - but this is only a very minor criticism. 4/5 stars.

As for the performance, Ameling was always going to be up for some tough competition as my favourite Schubert lieder singer is Elisabeth Schwarzkopf. Ameling generally uses faster tempi and has more lively singing than Schwarzkopf, who has a more considered and more mature approach. Schwarzkopf is able to plumb the depths of emotion and reveal the subtleties of the songs more effectively than Ameling.

The best example is the first track - "Das Lied im Grunen". Ameling effectively evokes images of a sun-filled countryside and the cleansing effect it has on our world weariness. Schwarzkopf's rendition is an altogether more serious one - her tone is darker but this only serves to contrast the incredible sweetness she can bring to certain phrases.

In terms of phrasing, there is nothing between the two singers. Ameling has a trace of a Swedish accent, but that's about it. Both singers have superb diction, as one would expect.

I prefer the Schwarzkopf, but most people who are not initiated to Schubert's music prefer the Ameling. It is definitely more accessible, with her bright lovely voice, her seductive playfulness, and the overall airy and golden toned ambience of this disc.

Highly recommended.

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Review by Oscar August 31, 2005 (6 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
Elly Ameling was one of the outstanding lieder singers during her career, spanning the 70´s and 80´s.
Her voice is fresh, ever alert to vocal inflections, and also with a lot of charm. She is ably partnered by pianist Dalton Baldwin.
This Schubert lieder collection contains a mixture of his most popular lieder and some others that are lesser known.

The sound is excellent, with a good perspective of piano and voice.

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Works: 26  

Franz Schubert - An die Laute, D. 905
Franz Schubert - An die Nachtigall, D. 196
Franz Schubert - An die Nachtigall, D. 497
Franz Schubert - An Sylvia, D. 891
Franz Schubert - Das Lied im Grünen, D. 917
Franz Schubert - Das Mädchen, D. 652
Franz Schubert - Der Blumenbrief, D. 622
Franz Schubert - Der Einsame, D. 800
Franz Schubert - Der liebliche Stern, D. 861
Franz Schubert - Der Schmetterling, D. 633
Franz Schubert - Der Wachtelschlag, D. 742
Franz Schubert - Die Gebüsche, D. 646
Franz Schubert - Die Liebe hat gelogen, D. 751
Franz Schubert - Die Männer sind méchant, D. 866
Franz Schubert - Die Sterne, D. 939
Franz Schubert - Die Vögel, D. 691
Franz Schubert - Du liebst mich nicht, D. 756
Franz Schubert - Fischerweise D. 869
Franz Schubert - Im Abendrot, D. 799
Franz Schubert - Im Freien, D. 880
Franz Schubert - Im Haine, D. 738
Franz Schubert - Minnelied, D. 429
Franz Schubert - Nacht und Träume, D. 827
Franz Schubert - Rosamunde - Incidental Music, D. 797
Franz Schubert - Schlummerlied, D. 527
Franz Schubert - Seligkeit, D. 433