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  982 457-6
  Gérald de Palmas: Un homme sans racines
  "Un homme sans racines"

Gérald de Palmas
Track listing:
  1. Plus d'importance
2. Elle danse seule
3. Au paradis
4. Un homme sans racines
5. Elle habite ici
6. Dans la cour
7. Encore une fois
8. Dans mon rêve
9. Faire semblant
10. Je ne tiendrai pas
11. Silverado
  Chanson française
Recording type:
Recording info:
  Mixage and Mastering 5.1: Poussin
Encoding DSD: Studio DES

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Review by pchichi April 26, 2006 (0 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
De Palma has a style of its own. You may be of the ones who like him or not. I'm both of them... De Palma as an artist is to me not essential, sometimes hollow.
The lyrics are not always very deep, his melodies always the same but from time to time very catchy.

I nonetheless bought this SACD because he sings in french and I wanted to be surprised with a surround mix.
I'm a little bit disapointed but I have to say that I'm not very "UIT Recommendation" supporter since main front mixing is not my prefered 5.1 point of view : stereo had its time and I'm more inclined to mixes like "Dr. Chesky's Magnificent, Fabulous, Absurd and Insane Musical 5.1 Surround Show".

So if you like De Palma you won't be disappointed, but if you don't this SACD won't help you to change your mind...

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