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  Deutsche Grammophon -
  471 637-2 (2 discs)
  Lakatos - As Time Goes By
  "As Time Goes By" Lakatos

Film Music from: Le Grand Blonde avec une chaussure noire, Casablanca, Two Soldiers, Temps des Gitanes, The Godfather, Once upon a time in America, Fiddler on the Roof, Cussak de Kuban, Chocolat, Intermezzo, The Third Man, Two for the Road, Madame Bovary, Gypsies go to Heaven, Spirited Away
Track listing:
  Single Layer
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Review by wolf359 April 10, 2009 (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
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I'll start with the physical description, the version I picked up is a single layer Stereo/multichannel none hybrid disc. This site lists it as a double hybrid disc. Whether it has been reissued or this site is in error I don't know but anyone intrested in purchasing this be aware that there is a none hybrid version.

Onto the music it reminds me very much of those easy listening complilations common in the late 60's early 70's. You know the thing 20 cinema greats etc. Anyone looking at the track listing would certainly think that, but on this disc what we have is a group of excellent musicians (Roby Lakatos and his ensemble has been around for years) who take a bunch of mostly film tracks and put a Jazz twist onto them. There is a rider though, the music is played by a bunch of musicians of mostly Romany extraction with correspondingly heavy use of violins and Gypsy musical influences.In my opinion the disc just also manages to avoid being overtly sentimental but comes close on couple of tracks. So if you like your film and stage tunes being a mixture of jazzy gipsey influences this is the disc for you. Technically the Multichannel mix is very much a pop style surround mix in that the rears contribute as much to the experience as the front. It is not one for the classical purist. If all of this seems negative its not. I found it growing on me and looking at it critically its not a record to sit down and listen to seriously, its a fun recording and if you listen in that frame of mind you will be repayed. I gave it 5 stars on sonics because the multichannel mix is very upfront which seems to fit this type of recording

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Review by raffells December 2, 2005 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
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Saw this on JPC for a bargain price and never having heard of him or them I took a chance.
First impression was made by the volume level this supposedly 7 piece band was recorded wont need surround sound for this.
Musically its really good,far better than I expected just looking at the titles and once you get the sound under control its another bargain for casual or semi serious listening.Difficult to pick a highlight as some of the arrangements all by the titled gentleman are interesting .says DSD on the notes from DG and I believe them on this.Proper dual case and decent notes.A bargain. Dave

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Review by sacd1 January 7, 2006 (0 of 4 found this review helpful)
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good sacd,try it for sure you like it.

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