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  ATMA Classique -
  Orfeo Fantasy - Charles Daniels & Montréal Baroque
  Monteverdi, Dowland, Hume, Guédron, Caddini, d'India

Charles Daniels (tenor)
Sylvain Bergeron (lute)
Olivier Fortin (harpsichord)
Margaret Little (viola da gamba)
Susie Napper (viola da gamba)
Nigel North (lute)
Skip Sempé (harpsichord)
Track listing:
  Classical - Chamber
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Review by jmvilleneuve June 14, 2005 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
This is the SACD I have been searching for a long time! This is the best SACD in my collection (of about ~100). WOW, I do hope ATMA produce more of those!

The sound take is sumptuous, even the short silence before the musicians start gets some auditory clue to the venue. This is an absolutely stunning reproduction of the acoustic soundscape of a mid size Church (the wall of my listening room have disappeared).

The music vary from harpsichord solo two lutes duets to the full ensemble (2 harpsichors, 2 lutes, 2 viols and the soloist).

The soloist is tenor Charles Daniel which seems perfectly suited to this repertoire. This is what a call a musician “in control”. We feel the thinking and refinement underlining every phrase, every notes, every spoken word. The music is often in the declamatory style which could become repetitive. But the tenor compensate this by using multiple ornamentations and change of pace without ever loosing the sense of rhythm nor loosing precision in his singing.

I have put 4.5 for the musical content. But this is partly to reflect the fact that I do not know this music at all. I do not feel I have a reference to compare this material to typical interpretation of the same music. So let’s say this 4.5 is a cop-out from my part.

I will seek more SACD from the same source.

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