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  Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra -
  The Silk Road Fantasia Suite - HKCO
  The Silk Road Fantasia Suite

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
Yan Huichang (conductor)
Track listing:
  1. Ink Spirit - Pipa and Bowed-String (composed by Law Wing-fai, pipa: Wong Ching)
2. The Flowing Water - Symphonic Poem (composed by Pang Xiuwen)
3. The Silk Road Fantasia Suite - Guanzi Concerto (composed by Zhao Jiping, guanzi: Guo Yazhi)
4. The Song of Baliu
5. The Lilt of the Ancient Roads
6. The Music of Liangzhou
7. The Dream of Loulan
8. The Dance of Qiuci
Recording type:
Recording info:
  Producer: Yu Chiu-for
Recording Engineer: Leo Fung/Terence Lai
DSD Sound Recording Production: Wave-Motion Production Co., Inc.
Recording Location: Tsuen Wan Town Hall, Hong Kong
Recorder: Studer 962 direct recording into the DSD sound system
Editing and Mixing: Pyramix Virtual Studio

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Reviews: 1

Review by raffells June 20, 2007 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This was my second hard to get hold of item and obviously I am reviewing it hardly being an expert on some of the instruments that I cannot even spell.However I do have quite a number of Chinese Lp music on the Marco Polo label including Avante Garde? and also The Solilquy at Cold Mountain disc which I personally found bellow par.
The disc starts in what the say is a DSD recording of a Pipa led work which has dynamics to slice you in half.A multitude of strange sounds and effects in this Ink Spirit followed by a Symphonic Poem The Watering Flower or the Flowing water?.Nice Chinese orchestral picture painting and certainly different to anything western.At this point I was slightly suspicious of a lack of deep bass and hoped the main work "Silk Road" would open up.This consists of 5 picture paintings and I personally found less interest in these than the first two.7Not an outright winner but will take plenty of listening but not an sacd demo disc.Booklet contains plenty oif information and lots in Chinese includes the names of anybody connected to the production and their sisters cousins and aunts.Plus orchestral layout.Somewhere in history im sure Julien mentioned the quality was less than stellar but I would consider it certainly above CD.

PScript. On subsequent replays the lack of bass is less apparant but short measure on timing at 45 minutes plus was noticed.Also once you aclimatize to the sound,at one part akin to Scots bagpipes there are a number of interesting tunes.The Rolling Stones theme in "Paint it Black" appears in last track.Growing on me this one.

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