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  Better Music
  Law See-fung: The Man Who Loves To Sing
  "The Man Who Loves To Sing"

Law See-fung
Ted Lo (piano & keyboards)
Roel Garcia (piano)
Sylvain Gagnon (bass)
Johnny Abraham, Anthony Fernandes (drums & percussion)
Eugene Pao (electric & acoustic guitars)
Zhang Zhi-yong (saxophones, flute, clarinet & Chinese flute)
Danny Cheng, Nancy Chan (backing vocals)
Track listing:
  Chinese Pop
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Review by FullRangeMan February 2, 2012
Performance:   Sonics:  
At last a great SACD, this disc is a most refinanet release, and impossible to find in western shops, the seller say it consist of old Chinese songs, some songs are from the opera Sunrise, all songs of this SACD are most enjoyable, very beautiful music, I will listen quite often.
I noted some songs are arraged in the Vocal Jazz stile, the recording was made in 2002 and is superb, with a palpapble soundstage, probrably 24/96 or 24/192, but there is a DSD logo on the back-cover. this could explain the sweet trable, and the DSD mastering are great, as I fail to find anomalies, just toe tap.
The booklet is very good, with many photos and text, but only in Chinese, not too much useful, as usual on Asian SACDs.
Good surprise with this SACD, I strongly recommend it to all western music lovers, not only asian residents.
Package is Super Jewel box, Time is 52:08 Bar Code 4710891640310 disc is Stereo Hybrid+Multi-Channel, Catalogue Better Music BM-207006, 11 tracks:
01 Do not go home today
02 Song of Orchid
03 End of the World Tomorrow
04 Meditation etc.
05 Drop of dew ("Sunrise" Ending Theme)
06 Of that year to see the mountains ("Sunrise" episode)
07 Is a spring sunrise and sunset ("Sunrise" Theme Song)
08 Friends (The chair & Luo Shifeng soaring duet friendship 2002)
09 Silent outcome (Lin Shurong & Luo Shifeng Long time no new duet, 2002)
10 The night sky
11 Prayer
Lead singer: Luo Shifeng
Eugene Pao: A-Guitar, E-Guitar
Ted Lo: Piano & Keyboards
Roel Garcia: Piano
Sylvain Cagnon: Bass
Johnny Abraham: Drums& Percussion
Anthony Fernandes Drums & Percussion
Zhang Zhi Yong: Sax, Clarinet, Chinese Flute
Danny Cheng: Backing Vocals
Nancy Chan: Backing Vocals

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