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  Albany -
  Lloyd: Cello Concerto - Ross, Miller
  George Lloyd: Cello Concerto, Orchestral Suite No. 1 from The Serf

Anthony Ross, cello
Albany Symphony Orchestra
David Alan Miller
Track listing:
  Classical - Orchestral
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Review by raffells December 8, 2004 (5 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Well for those who dont know George Lloyds music,It lies somewhere between RVW Sibelius and Nielsen and is always varied and tunefull with a lot of colour.
I was a bit put off by a previous review only to be startled by the quality of both the recording and the two works..I have about 50 sacds now and this ranks as good as any...
Lloyds uses trumpet and brass quite sparingly usually and I found this uses less than normal.The suite Serfs is almost a symphony in scale and presentation. The long 7 movement Cello concerto opens the sacd and is very impressive...Dated for a 1997 work written in Lloyds penultimate year..
Quality wise the DSD recording is wide ranging and crystal clear in all departments.The Albany Orchestra has never been top rated but you would have difficulty finding much to fault...Outstanding.......

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Review by Oakland July 16, 2006 (3 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
I’ve seen it mentioned that some of us buy SACDs by the batch load and then not get around to listening to some of them for a good while. Well, I am a card-carrying member of that club. More than two years ago I purchased the George Lloyd “Cello Concerto”. I considered listening to it over the ensuing months but didn’t want to waste precious listening time on a “long shot”. And the cover didn’t look particularly interesting. And I never even took the wrapper off.

Well, mother was right (as usual) again. Don’t judge a book by looking at the cover. The George Lloyd is some wonderful music and this is a wonderful recording. Expectations being low from the onset, I was only dutifully listening (I told myself I would stick it out no matter what) and it didn’t really begin to grab me until midway into the Concerto, so I will have to listen to it in it’s entirety again and submit a revision. But I was “all ears” by the time the "Orchestral Suite No 1 from the Serf", the companion piece, began to unfold.

First and foremost the music (both the Concerto and the Suite) is compelling but not overly complex, but not lightweight, and is enjoyable. Frankly, sometimes I simply was not in the mood for expanses of Mahler. But the seven short movements of the Suite (the Concerto, too, has seven movements), each very distinctive but connecting, hit the spot. The music is more modern, I guess, but it is a Romantic modern.

The recording is very accurate, very authentic. So, there is no need for any exaggerated sizzle or percussion. Hallmarks of recordings that I particularly like are ones that have substantial back-to-front layering of soundstage information. This helps me understand better what the composer or artist was attempting to convey. Some of the recordings that immediately come to mind that have this to varying degrees are Audioquest’s “Soul Survivor”, Telarc’s “Very Tall Band”, two of my Opus3 recordings, surprisingly (for me) RCA Living Stereo’s “Rhapsody in Blue” ( see my comments at: /showreviews/2674#3441) and my benchmark for soundstage depth, Telarc’s Sibelius Second Symphony, that has, in portions, some 6+ layers of front-to-back information extending 8 feet behind the speakers. Well, add this George Lloyd disc to this group. And the authentic bass whacks, particularly in the “Fate” and “Outrage” movements, are no slouch, capable, at the right volume level, of startling effect. Bass on steroids is not needed here.

Robert C. Lang

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Review by lenw May 13, 2004 (1 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Very listenable recording - especially the cello solo's. I didn't particularly like the way the trumpets sounded - overall a little bright for my tastes.

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George Lloyd - Cello Concerto
George Lloyd - Orchestral Suite No. 1 from "The Serf"