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  Avex-classics -
  Izumi Tateno plays Takashi Yoshimatsu
  Takashi Yoshimatsu: Ainola Lyrical Ballads Op. 95, 4 Little Dream Songs, Pleiades Dances IV Op. 50, Gauche Dances Op. 96, 3 Scared Songs (Schubert, Caccini, Sibelius trans. Yoshimatsu), Lullaby

Izumi Tateno (piano)
Ayumi Hirahara (piano)
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Review by SnaggS July 10, 2007 (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
Great DSD Recording. The problem I have with describing Piano play-back on my system, is that it is the strength of the Quads. When I have a recording like this, it just sounds like a real piano. I can hear the pressure that the finger has placed on the key, and the connection of that key with the string. What more can I say than that? This is now probably the equal most beautifully recorded piano album I have..... maybe just 1% under my favorite..

Julevariasjoner - Wolfgang Plagge (You DONT have this? Oh boy!)

Now fortunately, my recommendation extends to the music as well. This is the part that suprised me.. a 20thC Japanese classical composer I hadn't heard of making a very accesible album. Wow, well he must have liked Erik Satie is all I can say!! Anybody who has George Winston December will be straight away at home with the musical content of this album. Its really that lovely.. just a touch more serious in composition, but only a touch. Its great to see a 20thC composer who's not afraid just to make some beutiful music. Lets say 80% December mixed with 20% Köln Concert.

What a cracking find! Sometimes it is just worth taking a punt! Available from for modest prices.


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