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  Dacapo Records -
  Riisager: Benzin - Owain Arwel Hughes
  Knudage Riisager: Benzin Op. 17, Til Apollon, Archæopteryx for orchestra Op. 51

Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Owain Arwel Hughes
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  Classical - Orchestral
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Review by raffells July 19, 2008 (6 of 7 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Hardly a household name but another suprisingly excellent disc from Dacaopo.The varied works and the Opening Ballet Benzin,Petrol in English or Gasoline west of the pond.(GAS is something totally different in the English Dictionary.)
Quality wise the recording is up with the best again and musically its jovial spikey rhythmic action packed, odd sound effects ,joviality and variety for the first half hour which reflects the fairly simple story of a motor cyclist,a young farm labourer and the inn keepers daughter.The (title)A can of benzin being exchanged for the girl should be currently topical and probably about the going rate.The end of the ballet does finish with some refined string led music and balances out the high spirit of the 40 minutes piece.Reminiscent of French composers/Prokofiev/Stravinsky/Ibert in parts.Worth the price of the disc on its own.
The second and totally different type of work is incorrectly listed and wrong timing in the liner notes.Neither is it listed on the disc itself but is a very unusual and rewarwding work from years later 1949.It starts deep in the bowels of the earth with one repeated note/chord and is the evocation of its Bird Reptile title,thankfully compared to this title it is quite easy to follow and understand. At this point you have excellent value for money on this disc.
The filler is one of his last works and is 10.35 minutes that will only entertain the more hardy listener.Its again completly different from either of the main works? though presents an interesting not too varied but loud(powerfull) soundfield (instrumentation?)One small section reminded me of Shosty.
The booklet says that "Apollo" will make a strong impression on the listener.It didnt say it would always be positive so i will leave you to decide whether you should have a rest after track 15.
Good liner notes and proper sacd case and superb playing.

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Works: 3  

Knudåge Riisager - Archæopteryx for orchestra op. 51 (1949)
Knudåge Riisager - Benzin op. 17 (1928) Ballet
Knudåge Riisager - To Apollon, God of Light (1930)