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  Musicaphon -
  M 56880
  Scottish and other Songs - Daniela Bechly
  Haydn: Bannocks o' barleymeal; Es weiden meine Schafe;
Fließ leise mein Bächlein; O can you sew cushions; Green
grow the rashes; Heimkehr; Johnie; rose weiß rose rot;
+Trio H15 Nr. 23
+Beethoven: To the Blackbird; The lovely lass of Inverness;
Bonnie laddie highland laddie; The sweetest lad was Jamie;
The Elfin Fairies; Since Greybeards inform us; La
Gondoletta; Bolero; Tyroler (Der töpperte Hecht & Wenn I in
der Füh aufsteh')

Daniela Bechly (soprano)
Trio Kairos
Track listing:
  Classical - Vocal
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Works: 16  

Ludwig van Beethoven - 12 Irish Songs, WoO. 154
Ludwig van Beethoven - 12 Songs of Various Nationalities, WoO. 157
Ludwig van Beethoven - 20 Irish Songs, WoO. 153
Ludwig van Beethoven - 23 Songs of Various Nationalities, WoO. 158a
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Joseph Haydn - Bannocks o' barleymeal, Hob. XXXIa:171
Joseph Haydn - Cro Challin, Hob. XXXIa:253a
Joseph Haydn - Green grow the rashes, Hob. XXXIb:8/8a
Joseph Haydn - Johnie Armstrong, XXXIa:109
Joseph Haydn - Lea-rig, The, Hob. XXXIb:31/31a/31b
Joseph Haydn - Liebes Mädchen hör mir zu, Hob. XXVIa:D1 (Ständchen)
Joseph Haydn - O can you sew cushions, Hob. XXXIa:48
Joseph Haydn - Piano Trio No. 23 in D minor, Hob. XV:23
Joseph Haydn - Twyll yn ei Boch (The dimpled cheek), Hob. XXXIb:10
Joseph Haydn - William and Margret (Margret's Ghost), Hob. XXXIa:153