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  Opus 3 -
  SACD 22101
  A Selection from Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE & The Swedish Jazz Kings
  "A Selection from Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE & The Swedish Jazz Kings"

Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE
The Swedish Jazz Kings
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Review by Jonalogic October 31, 2010 (3 of 5 found this review helpful)
What makes a motley bunch of Swedish, US, European and UK soloists play 1930's and 40's trad Chicago jazz? I can only conclude because they love playing it. That's all rather convenient, because I also happen to love listening to it.

I jest, but the playing really is infectious and fun. They're having fun, and so are we. And fun seems to be in rather short supply for all of us at the moment. So grab it wherever you can!

In fact, this packed 80-minute disc contains a collection of mainstream standards gleaned from several Opus 3 vinyls of Tomas Ornberg and the Swedish Jazz Kings.

The sound quality is exceptional (except - conspicuously - on track 18, recorded in what sounds like fairly primitive digital): it's a damn good advert, in fact, for what can be done with single-point Blumlein miking, with vacuum tube mikes and preamps. Like the best minimalist recordings, itís pure, 'touch me' tangible in space, timbrally immaculate and exceptionally dynamic. The swoops from clarinet and alto sax will give your tweeters - and ears - goose bumps.

Translation - it all sounds natural and truthful, in best Opus 3 fashion.

It's also rather unfocussed (in true 'Pawnshop' style), but I am not judging the sonics here in the same way I would classical music in a big auditorium. It's true to live jazz in an intimate acoustic; anyway, I could never hear much image focus in my jazz club-going days! Lucky I could hear anything with that much alcohol in my system...

A delight. And an impetus for me to review more jazz, perhaps, on SACD.

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