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  Alia Vox -
  AVSA9875A+C (3 discs)
  Dinastia Borgia - Savall
  Josquin Des Prez, de Morales, Dufay, Binchois

Montserrat Figueras
Pascal Bertin
Lluis Vilamajó
Marc Mauillon
Furio Zanasi
Daniele Carnovich
La Capella Reial de Catalunya
Hesperion XXI
Jordi Savall (conductor)
Track listing:
  Paths to power: the origins and expansion of a dynasty
ca. 1238 – 1492

I The origins and rise of the Borgia family
1063 Muslim Valencia
1 Mowachah Billadi Askara Min adbi Llama
1238 Conquest of Valencia by James I
2 Ductia (CSM 123) instr.
1378 Birth of Alfonso de Borja, the future Pope Callistus III
3 Saltarello - Guillaume Dufay / Jordi Savall
1417 End of the Western Schism
4 Da Pacem - Gilles Binchois
1423 Alfonso the Magnanimous’s military expeditions to Naples
5 Deserts d’amichs, de béns e de senyor (rec.)
1431 Birth of Rodrigo de Borja
6 Rondeau (instrumental) “Ce jour” - Guillaume Dufay / Jordi Savall
1438/42 King Alfonso V to Italy: To the conquest of Naples
7 Strambotto-caccia: Correno multi cani - Anon. (Montecassino Songbook)
1442 Naples, capital of the Crown of Aragon
8 Zappay lo campo (instr.) - Anon. (Montecassino Songbook)
1444 Alfonso de Borja is appointed cardinal
9 Ave Maris Stella - Guillaume Dufay
1453 Fall of Constantinople
10 Makam Muhayyer “Küme” uşūleş Düyek - Acemler (War turkish march)

II The demise of the Three Cultures and the conquest of power: the Vatican
1455 Alfonso de Borja is Pope Callistus III. He proclaims the Crusade against the Turks
11 Exultet caelum cum laudibus - Anon. (Montecassino Songbook)
1456 Callistus III revokes the sentence of the trial of 1431 condemning Joan of Arc
12 Adoramus te - Anon. (Montecassino Songbook)
1455-58 Ferrante I, King of Naples
13 Viva, viva Rey Fernando - Anon. (Montecassino Songbook)
1458 King Alfonso V dies on 27th June and Callistus III dies on 6th August
14 Miserere nostri / Vexilla regis - Anon. (Montecassino Songbook)
1459 Death of Ausias March
15 La gran dolor (rec.) - Ausiàs March
1474 Birth of Cesare Borgia
16 El cervel mi fa (instr.) - Anon.
1478 Sixtus VI excommunicates Lorenzo “the Magnificent”
17 Patres nostris peccaverunt - Johannes Cornago
1480 Birth of Lucrezia Borgia
18 De Tous biens plaine - Haine van Guizeghem / Josquin Des Prez
1489 Prince Djem, the brother and rival of Bayazid II, a hostage in the Vatican
19 Anon. Ottoman - Taksim & Dance
January 1492 The end of the Kingdom of Granada
20 Viva el Gran Rey Don Fernando - Carlo Verardi
April 1492 Death of Lorenzo de’ Medici “the Magnificent”
21 Lamento per la morte di Lorenzo Il Magnifico - Heinrich Isaac
July 1492 The Jews are expelled from Spain
22 Romance: La rosa enflorece - Anon. Sefardí

Supremus est mortalibus: The culmination and end of a dream
1492 – 1509
III The culmination and end of a dream
August 1492 Rodrigo Borja is elected Pope, taking the name of Alexander VI
1 Salve regis Mater / Hic sacerdos - Marbriano de Orto
1493 Alexander VI gives refuge to the Jews of Sepharad
2 Hebrew song of peace Adonay - Anon. (Sinagogal Song)
1493 Marriage of Lucrezia Borgia to Giovanni Sforza
3 Elogio de Lucrecia - B. Accolti (rec.)
1495 Deaths of Prince Djem & J. Ockeghem
4 Déploration pour la mort de J. Ockeghem - Josquin Des Prez
1496 Capitulation of the Viceroy of Naples
5 Fortuna desperata - Anon.
1497 Murder of Giovanni Borgia, Duke of Gandia
6 Absalon fili mi - Josquin Des Prez
1498 Lucrezia marries Alfonso of Aragon
7 Un cavalier di Spagna - Anon.
23 May 1498 Torture and execution of Savonarola
8 Drums & bells
1498 Birth of Rodrigo, the son of Lucrezia and Alfonso
9 Une musique de Buscaye (instr.) - Josquin Des Prez
1499 Cesare Borgia marries Charlotte of Albret
10 Donna contro la mia voglia - Philippus de Lurano
31 .10.1501 Eclogues to Rome. The black legend.
11 Villancico: Si abrá en estre baldrés - Juan del Enzina
July 1503 Lucrezia meets the poet and Humanist Pietro Bembo
12 Soneto: Amor la tua virtute - Arcadelt / Bembo
18.08.1503 Fatal illness and death of Alexander VI
13 Requiem - Josquin Des Prez

IV The age of upheavals and Humanism: the Sibyl and the Prophecies of the Book of Revelation
1505 Lucrezia Duchess of Ferrara
14 Pavana alla Ferrarese - Joan Ambrosio Dalza
1506 Lucrezia at the court of Ferrara
15 Éloge de la duchesse de Ferrara (rec.) - Fondraglia
1507 Death of Duke Valentine (Cesare Borgia) during the siege of Viana
16 Epitafio: Aquí yaze en poca tierra - Fernández de Oviedo
Lament for the death of Cesare
17 Castalios latices ploranda (rec.) - Ercole Strozzi
1508 Murder of Ercole Strozzi, Lucrezia’s confidant
18 Agnus Dei (Missa Hercules Rex) - Josquin Des Prez
The trumpets of the Apocalypse
19 Fanfaria - Jordi Savall
20 The Song of the Valencian Sibyl - Anon. / Gandia Songbook
Refrains: Alonso and Bartomeu Cárceres (Al jorn del judici; D’una Verge naixera; Mostrar-s’han quinze senyals; D’alt dels cels devallara; Portara cascu escrit; Als bons dara goig etern; Mare de Deu pregau per nos; Vosaltres tots que escoltau;

From the turbulent “reign” of Alexander VI to the spiritual triumph of St Francis Borgia
1510 – 1572 (1671)

V Battles and truces: military and political responsibilities
1510 Birth of Francisco de Borja
1 Fantasia I (harp) - Lluís del Milà
1515 Francis I is King of France. Victory of Marignan
2 La Batalla (instr.) - Janequin / Susato
1519 Death of Lucrezia. Death of Emperor Maximilian
3 Motet: Proch dolor - Josquin Des Prez
1520 War of the Guilds
4 La guerra: Todos los buenos soldados - Mateu Flecha
1526 Ferdinand of Aragon is installed at Valencia
5 Fantasia II (harp) - Lluís del Milà
The Court of the Duke of Calabria
6 Tau garçó la durundena - Bartomeu Cárceres
1529 Marriage of Francisco de Borja to Eleanor de Castro
7 Meis olhos van por lo mare - Anon. Portuguese
1536 Garcilaso de la Vega dies in the arms of Francisco de Borja
8 Égloga III (1536) Aquella voluntad honesta y pura (rec.) Garcilaso de la Vega
1538 Truce of Nice between Francis I and Charles V
9 Jubilate Deo omnis terra - Cristóbal de Morales
1539 Francisco de Borja is appointed Viceroy of Catalonia
10 Pavana “O voy” - Juan Román (C. M. Palacio)

VI Renunciation and spiritual transformation
1549 Profession of faith
11 Credo in unum Deum - Francesc Borja (attributed)
1550 Departure from Gandia
12 Kyrie I (harp) - Venegas de Henestrosa
1555 Meeting with Teresa of Avila
13 Alma buscarte has en Mi - Teresa de Jesús
1555 Francisco de Borja is present at the death of Joanna the Mad (at Tordesillas)
14 Lachrimosa dies illa - Cristóbal de Morales
1556 Abdication of Charles V
15 Mille regrets - Josquin Des Prez / Luys Narváez

VII Final years, death and canonization of Francisco de Borja
1565 The Turks attack Malta
16 Improvisation & Dance – Traditional Turkish, Anon.
1571 Victory of Lepanto
17 Fanfare - Anon.
24.08.1572 Journey to Paris. St Bartholemew’s Day Massacre
18 Psalm 35: Deba contre mes debateurs - Claude Goudimel
30.09.1572 Death of Francisco de Borja
19 Réquiem: Pie Jesu Domine - Cristóbal de Morales
22.09.1609 Edict of expulsion of the Moriscos
20 El Rey y por S.M. Don Luis Carrillo (rec.) - Page 34 (Valencia 1611)
Lament for the expulsion of the Moors
21 Improvisation - Moorish Lament
1671 Canonization of Francisco de Borja
22 Pange Lingua gloriosi (Gregorian) - Anon.
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Reviews: 2

Review by JJ December 23, 2010 (7 of 9 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
The latest historical, musical fresco by Jordi Savall is this time devoted to the famous Borgia family. On three SACDs of copious content and a DVD on the creation of the project, the famous bassist opens for us the doors to a universe that is both fascinating and daunting. For, as Joan Francesc Mira recounts in the brochure accompanying the recording: “The history of more than one hundred years of the Borgia family is, without legend or myth, an adventure that can barely be imagined if it were not totally real: a family of the lower Valencia aristocracy which, in less than a half century, gave two Popes and a dozen cardinals to the Roman church, and which for many years held power in this same church. It was a family which managed to marry its children (like Father, like Son!) to members of the most important reigning families. It also became the source of power struggles in Italy and at the same time the theater of an accumulation of infamies the likes of which the Papacy and Roman Catholic Church have never know since. And finally, it closed the incredible circle by producing a great saint, general of the Company of Jesus in the middle of the Counter-Reformation. An audacious novelist’s fantasy could not have imagined a story like that.” Accompanied by Montserrat Figueras, Lior Elmaleh, Driss El Maloumi, Pascal Bertin, Lluis Vilamajo, Marc Mauillon, Furio Zanasi and Daniele Carnovich, Jordi Savall once again finds the narrative magic of his Don Quichotte in a musical discourse that includes such famous figures Josquin des Prez or Cristobal de Morales. Yet again, one can only laud a unique historical, intellectual and musical undertaking. Inspired throughout, as heard here it is of undeniable human verity.

Jean-Jacques Millo
Translation Lawrence Schulman

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Review by Araner January 5, 2011 (6 of 7 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
A new comprehensive project of Savall, historical portrait of the Borgia family time, and during four centuries, motivated by the 500th anniversary of Saint Francesco Borgia. Favorite Savall's a combination of Arabic, Jewish and Christian music themes, music tracks reconstructed from the archives, top music and performing administration, high-tech recording submitted with precision instruments and voices, use of space. Many music (3 multichannel SACD) + bonus DVD documentary about the whole project. An exquisite book with many interesting texts on the theme. These are all superlatives. Only one dramaturgical question: 3 or 10 SACD can not cover a period of several centuries. For continuous listening seems to be a very diverse set of songs and discontinuous, a variety of motifs, but actually fragmented. Still, it is musically, technically and thematically on the top title.

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