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  Mobile Fidelity -
  UDSACD 2079
  Santana: Caravanserai

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Review by analogue November 22, 2011 (9 of 10 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This is a remarkable album in the Santana discograghy. I dont own the Japanese version of this title and I always like to compare the different sacd versions.

This new Mobile Fidelity sacd of the classic rock Santana album is a pretty decent transfer. Musically this is simply a superb album by the ever experimental Santana. On this album Santana plays in favor of emotion rather than simple technique. Also the bad's jamming is to create atmospheric and emotional soundscapes instead of the usual latin flavoured rock music. Most of the album is of the instrumental variety and the different sounds and textures are always fascinating to hear and feel.

All in all I feel Mofi has done a rather credible job here. There is a very live feeling with the sound of the music that I like. This sacd has to be played rather loud and the sound is a little on the cool side of alot of Mofi titles. At least its not as analytical as some of their other titles. Sometimes the bass is fuller than at other times. The dynamic range is not very extreme due to the recording but there are some subtle surprises here and there. Santana's guitar playing I need to even go there?? Its awesome and some of the cresendo's are beautiful and full of emotion.

One other thing about this recording. The music tends to sound a little flat and bunched in due to all the members jamming at the same time. This is not really the usual 70's rock album where there are individual solo's by the certain members. Santana was trying for something different here. A more free fall type of sound where all members are collectivly contributing to the music by playing together. As a result of this .....listeners shouldn't believe that there will be a complete seperation of instruments as per the norm. The soundfield is more homgenized.

On the down side I find the rare instances of singing rather dull and not recorded very well but thats not Mofi's fault.

Mofi did an very good job on this title. And this is a great..great classic rock album from a superb group.

I recommend this sacd.

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Review by progboy February 20, 2012 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
For me this IS the Santana album ! 1972's Caravanserai is the prefect mix of Latin American, Rock, Jazz, Fusion and Progressive Rock elements. Joining Carlos is Gregg Rolie (Journey), guitar legend Neal Schon, bassist Doug Raunch and the great drumming of Mike Shrieve who really excels on this album !

And what a great job MoFi did on this SACD remaster. The instrumentation is nice and clean and feels perfect in presentation for my ears. The vocals, guitars, bass, keys and percussion are well balanced across the depths of this recording. This album is also better played at slightly elevated volume levels too where the musical prowess feels more alive and accentuated.

I also really noticed the sonic separation of the hand percussion on this recording and some of the backing vocals where a few times i actually looked behind me as I listened to this recording.

This album is a gem and I have never heard it sound sooooo good....

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Review by pjg12345 November 28, 2011 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Santana, but with a twist! A fusion of latin rhythms, funk, jazz and Santana's soulful guitar! This is one of my favorite Santana albums - Moonflower being my absolute favorite. Every single track is a masterpiece. The whole album holds together as a cohesive unit and is best played from start to finish and at a high volume. Santana and the band are magic in these performances.

There is lots of depth and good placement of instruments, although a little congestion is present. In my room the sound stage expands to the outside of the speakers. Turn the lights down low and you are there with the band. There is a live feel to the music presented here. Bass is not quite as extented as I was expecting, but the highs are light and airy with cymbols that shimmer and sound like cymbols. Santana's guitar has a beautiful soulful tone!

Great music and a great transfer by MoFi - highly recommended.

Can we hope for Moonflower on SACD?

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