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  Alia Vox -
  AVSA9888A+B (2 discs)
  Mare Nostrum - Savall
  "Mare Nostrum"

Montserrat Figueras
Lior Elmaleh
Hesperion XXI
Jordi Savall
Track listing:
  CD 1
1. La Guirnalda de rosas (M. Figueras, L. Elmaleh). Romance Sépharade (Espagne XVe s./Rhodes)
2. Saltarello [Mss. CSM 77-119]. Alfonso X El Sabio (Espagne)
3. Kamti Beivshan Layla (L. Elmaleh). Chant Hébreu (Israël)
4. Gagauski (kaval, morisca & percussion). Danse turque (Balkans)
5. Berceuse Amazig (M. Figueras, D. El Maloumi). Tradition Berbère (Maroc)
6. A la una yo nací (inste.). Sépharade (Sarajevo)
7. Üsküdar (G. Dinçer). Chant traditionnel (Turquie)
8. Las Estrellas de los cielos (improvisation instr.). Sépharade (Alexandrie)
9. LaMoledet shuvi roni (L. Elmaleh). Asher Mizrahi (Jérusalem)
10. Taksim & Makam Kurdi Pesrev (instr.). Angeli (Grèce ca.1680)
11. Alef, mem shin (M. Figueras). Sépharade (Turquie)
12. Taksim - Pesendîde « Saz Semârsi » (instr.). Selim III. Istanbul (1800)
13. Noumi noumi yaldati (M. Figueras, L. Elmaleh). Berceuse Hébraïque (Israël)
14. La Armada Turca (instr.). Mélodie Sépharade (Istanbul)

CD 2
1. En la Santa Helena (instr.). Sépharade (Sophie)
2. Shaar petach Dodi (L. Elmaleh). Chant Hébreu (Israël)
3. Taksim Kanun (improvisation). Hakan Güngör (Istanbul)
4. Nana andaluza : Duerme mi niña (M. Figueras). Traditionnel (Espagne)
5. El Rey que tanto madruga (instr.). Sépharade (Maroc)
6. Ana Av Rajman (L. Elmaleh). Chant Hébreu (Maroc)
7. Chominciamento di gioia (Istanpitta) (P. Hamon, P. Estevan). Mss. Trecento (Italie ca.1300)
8. Berceuse (M. Figueras). Chant traditionnel (Grèce)
9. El cant dels Aucells (instr.). Chant traditionnel (Catalogne)
10. Hon Tahon (L. Elmaleh). Chant Hébreu (Israël)
11. Taksim & Makam «Rast Murass’a» Mss. D. Cantemir n.214 (Istanbul, 1690)
12. Adonenu Elohenu (M. Figueras). Sépharade (Tunisie)
13. Taksim & danse Bulgare. Traditionnel (Bulgarie)
14. Mireu el nostre mar (F. Savall) improvisation, M. Forcano (texte) F.Savall (mus.)
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Review by JJ January 19, 2012 (2 of 4 found this review helpful)
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“Mare Nostrum” (Our Sea) is the title of the latest recording by Jordi Savall in which the artist continues his humanistic dialogue between peoples and cultures, this time via Christian, Muslim and Jewish music about the Mediterranean Sea. But the projects is also one about peace, for as Jordi Savall himself underlines: “Let history speak, so as to better understand the meaning of our origins and our tragedies, of our conflicts and our hopes, and let music resound, so as to allow us to feel, thanks to the dialogue between voices and instruments, how much the infinite wealth of our “Mediterranean” musical diversity can be an inexhaustible source of emotions and beauty, of dialogues and discoveries. We believe, as does Amin Maalouf, that ‘In order to give our confused humanity some signs of hope anew, one must go beyond a dialogue of cultures and beliefs towards a dialogue of souls. Such is, in this beginning of the 21st century, the irreplaceable mission of art…’.” Conceived for the regretted Montserrat Figueras, whose voice is as always overwhelming, this double album regroups eight Arab-Turk pieces, six Hebrew ones, seven Christian and seven pieces of mixed sources. Once again, Jordi Savall opens doors to a singular universe in which, by song and music, humanity once again finds its veritable face.

Jean-Jacques Millo
Translation Lawrence Schulman

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