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  Analogue Productions -
  CVRJ 6000 SA
  Ella Fitzgerald: Like Someone In Love
  "Like Someone In Love"

Ella Fitzgerald (vocals)
Stan Getz (tenor saxophone)
Ted Nash (alto saxophone)
Track listing:
  1. There’s A Lull In My Life
2. More Than You Know
3. What Will I Tell My Heart
4. I Never Had A Chance
5. Close Your Eyes
6. We’ll Be Together Again
7. Then I’ll Be Tired Of You
8. Like Someone In Love
9. Midnight Sun
10. I Thought About You
11. You’re Blase
12. Night Wind
13. What’s New
14. Hurry Home
15. How Long Has This Been Going On
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Review by progboy September 3, 2012 (6 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
1957 was a very good year for Ella! She was really at the top of her game..and this album is a perfect reflection IMHO!
"like someone in love" is really just a collection of songs to fall in love to.......not unlike Nat's "love is the thing" or Sinatra's "only for lonely".....
Musically this album is a great collaboration of soft orchestra, warm sax , piano and the unmistakeable voice of dear Ella!
"what will I tell my heart" and the title track are simply "tear-your-heart-out" gorgeous ........really a great moment! Stan Getz plays the tenor sax as well on this album and adds some fantastic warmth throughout.
"Like someone in love" is another carefully mastered Verve Records jazz album from Analogue Productions who strived to deliver the best sound this album has ever received.

This album was mastered by George Martino who skillfully brought this long lost gem back to life in beautiful SACD! The album is well balanced and well mixed with definite clarity on Ella's voice and offers nice orchestra separation.

There are a few small imperfections with the master tapes but I guess that is expected considering it's age....but nothing that will get in your way of totally enjoying this thrilling album from start to finish. The one thing about SACD quality and re-working on vintage tapes can be the wear and tear of age and any flaws can be easily heard. I noticed a few dips and drops but again will only be noticed by those who really listen closely......but again I'll take these vs an altered remaster!!!

Overall a simply beautiful album given a whole new lease on life with this release.

Essential for Ella lovers.........and of course those who love...............

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Review by analogue June 18, 2012 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This new sacd release from the late 50's is very exceptional. I was very surprised by the sound quality. Some listeners might find the type of style of this music somewhat sappy, sentimental and passe but such is not the case. Yes its a very romantic album and the string and orchestra section might make some listeners uncomfortable but if you have an ear for Ella....her grand voice and great musicianship......this disc is the one for you.

What a voice Ella had and in this release its beautifully rendered. The treble region on this disc and the original recording is gorgeous to hear. It s very lush and without any hint of strain. The sound of the entire disc is organic and transparent....a true surprise. To my ears this is so much better than the Nat KiNG Cole SACD'S. the MASTER TAPES ARE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION.

The sound is somewhat neutral on the cool side of feel.......and tape hiss is present and thats a great thing. Some recordings from the 1950's can be strident and hard on the ears but this sacd is simply awesome. The sound is very fresh.....almost new. My only complaint..and what gives up the to speak as to the vintage quality OF THIS RECORDING IS THE OVERLY SIMPLIFIED BASS SOUND. on SOME TRACKS ITS SIMPLY A DEEP SOUND WITH no ARTICULATION.Other than that its a fantastic listen..and Ella's voice is a thing to marvel at.

Highly recommended and a great job by George Marino.

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