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  Mobile Fidelity -
  UDSACD 2090
  Billy Joel: 52nd Street
  "52nd Street"

Billy Joel
Track listing:
  1. Big Shot
2. Honesty
3. My Life
4. Zanzibar
5. Stiletto
6. Roaslinda’s Eyes
7. Half a Mile Away
8. Until the Night
9. 52nd Street
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Recording info:

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Submitted by MacClaus
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Review by analogue August 16, 2012 (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This was a good follow up to his classic Stranger album. It features three radio hits and some solid tracks that are rarely heard outside of this album.
If you're expecting a drop dead gorgeous and mind blowing sacd of this will not find it here.


This new Mofi sacd is better than the original stereo layer of the original Sony sacd release. Having said that this doesn't mean the new version is perfect.

However is decent sounding. As seems to be the norm with most Mofi sacd releases.....there is some air missing on some tracks. It can sound flat and dull.The latter tracks on this release are better sounding to my ears. The reason is that tape hiss is more present and therefore contributes to a more solid rendition of the music.

The track 'Honesty' is a little subdued for my tastes and a little dry. Far more dry than Ive ever heard it. There is no bloom at all. The later half of the album is more heftier and has more presence.

I guess the best word to describe this particular release is subdued at times and more focused at other times. There are no 'aha' moments.

Thus far the two sacd's that Mofi has done that are true Sacd classics are the James Taylor releases. JT and Dad loves his work.They are truly outstanding in every regard. I am wondering out loud why those two discs are killers and Mofi seems unable to crank out better sounding sacd's on the whole.

52nd Street is good but not great.

Recommended but not outstanding.

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