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  SME Records -
  Miles Davis: Four and More
  "Four and More"

Miles Davis
Track listing:
  Single Layer
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Review by Claude October 15, 2006 (9 of 9 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I did an A/B comparision of the two JSACDs "My Funny Valentine" and "Four and More" (both recorded at the February 12, 1964 concert) with the tracks in the "Seven Steps: The Complete Columbia Recordings of Miles Davis 1963-64" 7CD box set, which contains the concert in the order it was played.

Unlike with the other Miles SACDs I own (almost all of the US and Japan releases), these recordings sound better on the later CD reissue, which has been remixed from the 3-track master tapes and mastered in DSD. The english notes accompagning the JSACDs - released five years earlier - don't say if the transfer was made from the 3-track tapes or from stereo mixdown tapes.

The tonal balance of the SACDs is a bit thinner and the instruments sound more distant. This gives the SACD a slightly nasal quality, while the CDs sound more natural and present. On their own, the SACDs sound fine, but on direct comparision the CDs are preferable.

The new transfer has also been released on individual midprice CDs.

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Review by analogue November 1, 2011 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This sacd is the sister companion to the other Davis live album My Funny Valentine. Both albums were recorded on the same night but this album features very fast playing rather than the slower tempo songs on the first album.

As mentioned this is a live album from 1964 and sonically it is very good but in my opinion its not quite as good as My Funny Valentine. While the music is fabulous, played well with the touch of be-bop and the improvisation and solo's awesome there are some sonic shotcomings from the original recording that lowers the overall score.

The music is very lively and vibrant and most of the instruments are rendered beautifully. The bass, i find is very lacking and not as present as the first album. Nor is the bass focused and direct.
There is no compression on this sacd which is a good thing. Trumpet, piano, drums.ect.sound terrific. Midrange very good also. Perhaps the highest highs are not captured though.

It must have been quite the singular experience to have heard these sessions live.

A solid sacd to have in your Miles Davis collection. The Japanese Tech's are fanatical over quality.


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Review by JW May 12, 2007 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Let me repeat that this JSACD contains the more uptempo part from Miles Davis' February 12, 1964, concert. The ballads are on "My Funny Valentine" which I reviewed on as well. Every single standard here you can find on the Miles studio abums where they are typically played more slowly. So you definitely need this recording to experience a very different and in my opinion exciting and infectious take on them.

The sound on these JSACD's is relatively good, but not worth 5 stars. I am not surprised that Claude found his CD set to sound fuller - the masters/mastering used on the CD set were apparently of better quality than the ones that stood at the basis of this set. There is a somewhat pinched tone to Herbie Hancock's piano and overall a slightly metallic character to the sound (also apparent on George Coleman's great tenor work) that made me give both 4 stars - which is probably 1 too many. I chose to round up. Furthermore we find Ron Carter on bass and Tony Williams, driving hard on drums.

Since this is really one concert split over two SA-CD's you might like to see the original order in which this entire set was played:
(I marked a song with * when appearing on "Four & More" and ** when on "My Funny Valentine")

Intro by Mort Fega
Autumn Leaves (only on the CD-sets)
So What*
Stella by Starlight**
All of You**
Go-Go (Theme and Announcement)*
All Blues**
My Funny Valentine**
I Thought About You**
Seven Steps to Heaven*
There is No Greater Love*
Go-Go (Theme and Re-introduction)*

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