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  CC 72579
  Beethoven: Triple Concerto, Piano Trio "Archduke" - Storioni Trio
  Beethoven: Triple Concerto, Piano Trio "Archduke"

Storioni Trio
The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra
Jan Willem de Vriend
Track listing:
  Classical - Orchestral
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Reviews: 2

Site review by Geohominid March 2, 2013
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Review by larsmusik May 6, 2013 (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
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John has provided an exhaustive and generally excellent review. I weigh in here only to provide a rating and a few more encouraging words.

Here’s a recording that combines period instruments with modern; orchestral works with chamber music; and rising young musicians with cornerstones of the repertoire. There's also the matter of the recorded sound. The Storionis are no strangers to multichannel high-rez, having done very fine work already with PentaTone and Ars Produktion. This would hardly matter if they were not also exceptional musicians who bring a sense of total commitment to every project.

Here that commitment includes the use of gut strings on the violin and cello plus a sumptuously reconditioned Lagrasse 1815 fortepiano, as mentioned. The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, which accompanies the trio in the Triple Concerto, uses period brass and hard timpani mallets in this recording.

And it is definitely the Triple Concerto that bears away the prize. I have never heard a recording that so clarifies the contrasts between orchestra and solo group in this work, while firmly establishing that this is a trio with orchestral accompaniment, not an orchestral work with occasional soloists. The Storionis, conductor Jan Willem de Vriend, and Bert van der Wolf’s NorthStar Recording Services deserve equal praise for their efforts. Orchestral tuttis strike forth in the thrilling, dramatic way they should, while trio passages emerge with a tenderness and unity that can only come about with many years of ensemble collaboration, i.e., with two brothers and a friend who can virtually read one another’s minds at this point.

The “Archduke” performance is good, too, although I confess to being disappointed in the limitations of the fortepiano as an expressively labile voice here — there are effects it just can’t bring to the table. Some may feel that the slow movement suffers especially, since the shimmering effects made possible by a modern Steinway are here rendered at times with manic articulative intensity. Still, the trio’s performance is razor-sharp and heartfelt, and it’s useful to hear the work as it may have sounded in 1808. Beethoven didn’t have a nine-foot Steinway either.

I must respectfully disagree about the recording level set for the "Archduke" trio, however. One naturally expects to be seated rather closer to the players in a chamber-music performance, in a smaller venue. This the engineers suggest very nicely. I certainly didn't have to turn down the volume for that portion of the program.

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Works: 2  

Ludwig van Beethoven - Piano Trio No. 7 in B flat major, Op. 97 "Archduke"
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