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  Universal (Japan) -
  Rainbow: Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Track listing:
  Single Layer
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Review by analogue March 28, 2014 (7 of 9 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Rainbow's 1st album and a very good one indeed.
Of the 9 tracks featured on this album I really like five or six of them. There's a great instrumental, some slower ballads, some classic rockers. Its all here if you like it.

I have to guess that if you're reading this and are willing to spend the money...that you already know the album and dont need my review of the music.

THe sound is very impressive. I had to play this new shm sacd at least three times to really hear whats on this disc. At first the sound was very disappointing. This is common with SHm Sacd;s.
THis sacd is very nicely mastered and features great sound all around. I was concerned at first that perhaps this might be a recording with low end not recorded well.but I can assure you that the bass is respectable and the drums rendered very well.

In fact all aspects of sound are exemplary which is a good thing to report

This sacd has a solid sound stage, good rendering of the instruments. Dio's voice has nice texture and weight. Blackmores guitar and the synths sound great. Track after track.....its all good.

The particular way these shm sacds are mastered is still mostly a mystery to me. I have an inkling that perhaps they are recorded in double Dsd and down converted to traditional Dsd RESOLUTION .The sound is very cohesive............almost addictive.

I still feel that the 2nd wave of shm sacds sound different than the first batch. But I still feel that they sound magnificent and would not want to discourage prospective buyers from wanting to get this disc . A terrific album and an excellent shm sacd.

Very much recommended.
Excellent mastering.

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Review by Marpow May 1, 2015 (1 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Rainbow: Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow SHM SACD Stereo

Quick Facts: Originally released 1974, gatefold. Ritchie Blackmore has now left Deep Purple for the first Rainbow album with Ronnie James Dio. This SHM SACD released 3-26-2014.

Performance: Solid and great hard rock, but not screaming or offensive. The classic 1970's sound of rock music. Blackmore is an exceptional guitarist. This disc performance has straight ahead grooves, synth and organ music. Ronnie James Dio's voice is high quality Rock N Roll. Lyrics are typical of this genre/period with songs of mountains, Kings, castles, and that type of thing.

Stereo Sonics: I listened at 70 decibels, PCM 88.2KHZ. Great depth and clarity. Exceptional ratio of hard rock bass to the rest of instruments. As Analogue points out some of these 70's discs can be muddy and over amplified due to original master, not this one. This disc is very well done to SHM SACD.

Packaging: The little Japanese box, which I love, with original mini gatefold LP. Green ink disc. Mini black and white paper booklet with Japanese writing dated 2014 and English lyrics.

Very happy with this disc, no need to look any further.

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Review by siebrand September 8, 2015 (1 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This first "Rainbow" Album is a very good one.
The music,. I suppose, is well known by everbody who loves Ritchies Guitar! But: Hear that Great voice of Mr. Dio.
"Catch the rainbow" and "Temple of the King" are so very beautfull ballads, so well sung and played!
But all the songs are GREAT!
This is a very famous disc, and if don't have it.... I say... BUY THIS SACD! Really! very good job done!
Dynamics? FANTASTIC!
Detail? Great! The bass is very good, it doesn seem a CD, this SACD, it's like one of the best LP's played on a Qualty turntable.
very nice Packaging.
Bìut Attention, please: it's a "PURE" SACD, No Hybrid!. so, if you don't have s SACD Player, don't bchoose this one. Even the best CD Player, without "SACD", could't perform it for you.
Higly raccomanded. BUY IT! Love it, Enjoy this release...You will not regret it. I'm sure!!!

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