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Note: The high resolution content is Blu-ray Audio only.
  0633367783424 (2 discs)
  XTC: Nonsuch
Track listing:
  1 The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
2 My Bird Performs
3 Dear Madam Barnum
4 Humble Daisy
5 The Smartest Monkeys
6 The Disappointed
7 Holly Up On Poppy
8 Crocodile
9 Rook
10 Omnibus
11 That Wave
12 Then She Appeared
13 War Dance
14 Wrapped In Grey
15 The Ugly Underneath
16 Bungalow
17 Books Are Burning
18 Didn't Hurt A Bit (Bonustrack)
19 Andy's Home Demos: Always winter, never Christmas
20 Books are burning
21 Goosey goosey
22 Wrapped in grey
23 That wave
24 Goodbye humanosaurus
25 Dead Madam Barnum
26 Crocodile
27 Difficult age
28 The ugly underneath
29 Holly up on poppy
30 The ballad of Peter pumpkinhead
31 Then she appeared
32 Its snowing angels
33 Rook
34 Humble Daisy
35 Rip van Reuben
36 I´m the man who murdered love
37 Omnibus
38 The disappointed (first reference)
39 The disappointed (second reference)
40 The disappointed
41 Wonder annual
42 Colin's Work Tapes:My bird performs
43 Didn´t hurt a bit
44 The smartest monkeys
45 Down a peg
46 Bungalow
47 War dance
48 Car out of control
49 Where did the ordinary people go
50 Extras:Promo-Films & Studio Footage
Recording type:
Recording info:
  2.0 LPCM 24bit/96kHz
5.1 DTS HD MA 24bit/96kHz
5.1 LPCM 24bit/96kHz
  1xBlu-ray + 1xCD

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Review by Audio Ed April 18, 2014 (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
This is a wonderful sounding Blu-ray. I was hoping that the Jethro Tull Benefit would sound as good but it is not even close. The XTC must have been recorded that much better. This has everything you would want in a high resolution format. You can really tell the production value of this release. Everything sounds wonderful. I am not set up for 5.1 so I can not speak to the surround aspect of this disc but I would love to hear it given what the 2.0 version sounds like. I can't imagine that the 5.1 would not wow anyone. This is a must buy!

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