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  Mobile Fidelity -
  UDSACD 2127
  Bob Dylan: New Morning
  Bob Dylan
Track listing:
  1. If Not for You
2. Day of the Locusts
3. Time Passes Slowly
4. Went to See the Gypsy
5. Winterlude
6. If Dogs Run Free
7. New Morning
8. Sign on the Window
9. One More Weekend
10. The Man In Me
11. Three Angels
12. Father of Night
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Recording info:

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Review by downunderman December 5, 2014 (5 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I feel a bit like Mr Jones when contemplating this....

The first point to note is that this IS NOT labelled as an 'Original Master Recording'. When the first run of Dylan SACD's were done all those years ago this title was not one of them and it now looks like there was a technical reason for this. Are the original tapes lost, damaged, destroyed? Has Bob purloined them and hidden them in his basement? And just what tape (or tapes) did they use here. One thing is for sure, the back story would be interesting.

The tapes used for this issue do seem to have been tweaked a bit here and there. A smidge tipped up on top and a little bit of compression seems evident. Though tape hiss is present it is mostly faint and there is a hint of a digital quality to the presentation. I'm no expert on this stuff, so I'm very much hoping Analogue ends up doing a review.

The sound stage is commendably wide and there is a bit of depth as well. For the most part the separation of instruments ok, though at times it gets a bit chaotic in this regard. This is probably not the fault of the remasterer as the recording itself has something of a rushed quality to it. This could make sense as the album was rushed out back in 1970 to compensate for the public response to Self Portrait.

In fact the album as a whole almost sounds like a demo and writing wise it is not Bob's finest 35 minutes. That said the album as a whole has a strange charm and at least two of the songs have been successfully covered by other artists. Oddly, the other album this one most recalls for me is 'Love & Theft'.

There must be an interesting back story to the making of this album as well. I for one would sure love to know where his head was at when he wandered into the studio to cut it.

Recommended for Dylan fans like me + the sound quality is pretty good all things considered.

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