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Discussion: looking for a Charles Aznavour SACD
October 16, 2006
A general question: do you really like the Aznavour SACDs? I've purchased one after I added the Integrale to my collection, and was terribly disappointed. I thought, these were mastered from discovered stereo tapes, but the mono titles were indeed re-channeled for multi-channel representation. I'm in Vienna tomorrow and (if I do not forget) will ... more
Charles Aznavour -- CD vs. SACD
January 11, 2006
Hello mdt, many thanks for your reply. I totally agree with your opinion. I have now finally picked up one of these Aznavour "mono" SACDs and definitely can say, that they are not worth their money! The multichannel and stereo sound does not benefit from a secret tape stock (that was not available for the former CD re-isues) as I originally ... more
Charles Aznavour -- CD vs. SACD
January 6, 2006
Hello, I have bought EMI France's comprehensive box set of the albums of Charles Aznavour titled "L'integrale". Now I have noticed, that many albums of the singer are in mono (even those recorded in the mid-1960s) and wondered about this. The SACD database says, that the corresponding SACD re-issues have multi-channel sound. Now, I am feeling some ... more