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marantz 8001
September 14, 2006
Looks like the SA7001 KI is not sold in Japan (only in Europe). The KI version is an upgraded version of the 7001. When comparing the technical specs of both players (the 7001 KI and the 8001), they seem to be equal. For me both players are the same, only the name changes. SA7001 KI (found on Marantz European website) SA-CD ... more
13 million SA-CD players
September 10, 2006
Maybe I was not precize enough in my previous post. I know that this new forthcoming player has been announced by Sony. I also asked about it as the 3000 and 9000 were not available anymore. It seems the player might not see the day in France. So the only options to listen to SACD would now be : - Pioneer DVD players - Marantz and Denon (SA)CD ... more
13 million SA-CD players
September 8, 2006
One of my friend works at Sony and I had the opportunity to ask him if he could get me a SCD-XA3000ES at a good price. Answer from Sony : the 3000ES and 9000ES are not available anymore and WILL NOT be replaced by any other player. I also called 3 Sony Store in Paris (France) and always got the same answer : "we don't sell anything related to ... more