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De Selby's reviews
May 2, 2005
Frankly I think it has gotten well past the point where you could argue that his reviews are of any use, and it has now reached the point where his behaviour is that of a troll. I vote that either his account is barred from submitting reviews, or that a minimum word count for reviews is implemented. Even something like a minimum of 25 words would ... more
RPO Strauss review by Brenda. Plagiarism or not?
April 19, 2005
This is actually correct. The original Galleria release (which I have) has the first movement listed as running 21:47. The disc was reissued with the four bars reinstated and the first movement listed as running 22:05. ... more
Listening habits
January 29, 2005
I have about 70 SACDs, 30 DVD-As, 4,500 CDs (95% classical) and 250 LPs. Listening time recently would be 90% CD, 10% SACD, 0% DVD-A and 0% LP. ... more
Adelaide Ring to be released on SACD
November 30, 2004
All but three or four of the cast are from Australia or New Zealand, so they would not be internationally known. Lisa Gasteen though should be: she sang Brunnhilde in the hideous Stuttgart Ring and will sing the role again in the ROH cycle with Terfel, Domingo, Meier et al. I've heard her sing Senta and she was pretty good. ... more
Adelaide Ring to be released on SACD
November 30, 2004
No, Bingo was one of the Banana Splits. ... more