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  Mark Wagner
  Simply put, I am an unabashed HARD CORE classical music geek!!!!
  Texas, USA
  McCormack UDP-1 Universal Player
SIM Audio i-3 Integrated Amplifier
NAD C422 Tuner
JMLabs 806S speakers
REL T2 Sub bass system
Speaker Cable: Tara Prime
Interconnects: Tara Vector 1
Power cords: All 3 AC cords are custom Tara Labs/Oyaide cables with a newly added Oyaide SWO-XXX AC Receptacle
pARTicular Optimus audio rack
Component isolation provided by a set of Gingko Audio's Mini Clouds

All cable connections treated with Walker Audio's E-SST

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  January 12, 2008

For the past year or so I have started to wonder if Paavo Järvi is sometimes a cold fish....I say this based on many of the Cincinnati Telarc recordings I own, some killer and some plain dull. I also have the recordings he did for Pentatone with this Bremen group. The Pentatone recordings were fine ... more
Mysteria - M.A.S.S.      
  October 27, 2007

WOW....when I received an e-mail from this company asking for anyone who wanted to review it, I decided "what the blazes" and replied a hearty YES. Boy am I glad I did!!! This SACD is a sonic journey, made for dark rooms and friends sitting around with the music taking the listener to other worlds, ... more
  April 8, 2007

How can I add to the already fabulous review here?? I got this sample from 2L and I cannot be more pleased.....what absolutely wonderful singing. Over the years I have heard some nicely recorded Gregorian chant disc's but sadly the singing was, ahh, not up to any sort of high standard that we have ... more
  January 17, 2007

I will second Castorís review and add a second set of cheers for the excellent SACD. As a surprising arrival in an unanticipated package from 2L, I was very interested in seeing what this disc offered. And goodness, I was not let down. This SACD features some extremely satisfying music, and not the ... more
  January 17, 2007

This recording came with a group of review samples from 2L. I have become quite a fan of the efforts of this Norwegian label, whose sound is quite fine to superb. I have to confess that I am not terribly familiar with music that features 4 pianists, so I gave this recording a number of listenings ... more

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Arabella Steinbacher
August 15, 2008
WOW...this is GREAT news and gives Pentatone a killer addition to their stable!!! Cheers, ... more
August 15, 2008
I strongly suggest that you go to Positive Feedback Online and contact PFO's Associate Editor, Dave Clark as he is a HUGE fan of the Cary SACD player and has experience with the EMM Labs unit...if fact, he still shows the EMM Labs in his system.... His e-mail address is on the masthead..... Good luck and it is ... more
Discussion: Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem - Spano
August 2, 2008
I have heard the first and second far, totally stunning!!! Cheers, ... more
2L Founder Declares Blu-ray the Future of High Quality Music Reproduction
July 30, 2008
I have then 2L SACD/BD, and the SACD sounds, as usual, stunning!!! I do NOT have a Blue Ray player though my friend does....both of us have pretty serious systems (McCormack, SIM Audio, Tara Labs, etc) and though my friend can play Blue ray movies and the 2L, we cannot get the 100% full resolution of the Blue ray music because as of now, there are ... more
DG releasing new SACDs?
June 28, 2008 DG is going to release Blue Ray discs??? Does anyone think that this might encourage them to start releasing new SACD titles?? Also, with DG releasing Blue Ray discs, does anyone think that Decca will follow suit??? Cheers, ... more