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  James Ward
  43 years old
I enjoy contemporary jazz/ rock, blues, gospel, electronica - you name it
Particular fondness for '60s/ '70s artists of the calibre of Dylan, Zappa, Bowie..
Currently besotted by Patricia Barber, Eric Bibb and a few other artists I had not heard of before getting into SACD.
  Canberra, Australia - you wouldn't want to live here!
Marantz 8260 SACD Player; Luxman DZ111 CD player (for back-up; particularly for 'copy protected' discs, which the 8260 will not play.)
'Diva, Classic One tube Line pre-amplifier' (hand-built, with point to point silver wiring, and seperate power supply);
Musical Fidelity X-10 D tube output buffer (placed just after pre-amp);
Mirage LFX-3 electronic crossover (below 80hz sent to sub);
Power amp: Denon POA T2 (dual mono, 120 watts RMS, bi-wired to main speakers);
Speakers: Paradigm Studio 20 Monitors (Version 2); sand-filled metal stands;
Sub-woofer: Miller & Kriesel MX 70B (active);
Power Conditioning: 'Black Box' (transformer-based, passive) conditioner - feeds entire system; 'Ear Science' Powerbox, for SACD source.
Speaker Cables: Bi-wired (double length) Audioquest Type 2.1 ('spread spectrum, hyper-litz', i.e., individually insulated conductors);
Interconnects: PSC pure silver, litz 1 interconnects from SACD to pre-amp;
Van Den Hul D 102 III Hybrid (Carbon fibre/ copper/ silver) from pre-amp to output buffer; from buffer to crossover; and from electronic crossover to power amp; Van Den Hul D-300 III hybrid interconnect, from crossover to sub;

Power Cables: Esteem Audio 12 AWG cryo'ed double shielded power cable from wall to Eichmann Power Strip; MIT Shotgun series power cord to SACD ; Black Mountain Cable gold/silver/copper alloy feeds pre-amp. LAT International shield-less power cable to power amp.

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  March 16, 2005

This is the first Eric Bibb recording I listened to, and it's still the best place to start IMO. The sound quality is first rate (even if it is recorded 'live', and is not recorded very loud, compared to multi-tracked rock recordings) and the quality of the songs and the playing is superb. As a ... more
Patricia Barber: Nightclub        (0 of 1 found this review helpful)
  March 15, 2005

I recently discovered Patricia Barber, via "Modern Cool" and was completely blown away by the outstanding sound quality and the general quality of the songs (both arrangements/ playing and the lyrics). Compared to that, this one was a little bit of a disappointment, but does show another side to ... more
Peter Gabriel: Up        (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
  March 13, 2005

This is an exceptionally good sounding SACD, as numerous others have pointed out. Overall, I would rate this alongside 'So','Us', and 'Passion', all among the better later efforts of Peter Gabriel. However, I think this one has the edge as far as sonics are concerned. The range of sounds heard on ... more
Steely Dan: Gaucho        (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
  March 10, 2005

It is perhaps not surprising that this title should turn out to be an immaculate recording on SACD, at least for those familiar with the production standards of Steely Dan. The seperation between instruments, and the textures of the sounds here are exquisitely beautiful. The off-beat lyrics are an ... more
  March 9, 2005

Surely most coming to this SACD will be familiar with the music and controversy surrounding this, Dylan's first "Christian" outing, so I won't rehash the usual compliments and caveats. What is significant is of course that the sound quality on this, one of Dylan's best produced albums, has been ... more

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Frustrating lack of information provided by online retailers
March 8, 2005
The same situation seems to apply over here (Canberra, Australia), and I can only assume that it is related to the relatively slow take-up of the new medium... Only two music stores here seperately stock SACD's, and most don't stock any at all. Also, most have hybrids buried in with regular CD's, making these almost impossible to find. ... more