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Discussion: Bartok: Rhapsody, Scherzo, Violin Concerto No. 1 - Fischer, Kocsis
April 13, 2008
Beagle said- "The Violin Concerto No. 1 on this disc is a minor, youthful work which Béla himself dismissed, asking his publishers to list no. 2 as "no. 1". Although Bartók might be called an acquired taste at this point in history, I note that we have 8 SACD versions of Concerto for Orchestra -- but no recordings of Sz 112. lists ... more
Kleiber Beethoven 7 Pressing Problem
October 18, 2006
Hi Everyone- Been ages since I've posted here- apologies. I was listeing this morning to my Orfeo Beethoven 7 with Carlos Kleiber, and thinking the sound wasn't amazing, when I noticed that my deck was playing it as a CD. When I tried to switch it to SACD mode it kept telling me that it was not a Hybrid disc. Very frustrating. Have any of you had ... more
Thoughts on DVD-A and SACD formats by Chuck Ainlay
November 30, 2005
Literally speaking mdt is right, but I would point out that the comparison ought to be to the original source ,not the mixing board. Maybe the DSD signal is closer to the sound of what the musicians did in the sessions, but not as close to the mix the engineers have heard, because for them the brassy quality of the PCM sound has become part of the ... more
Thoughts on DVD-A and SACD formats by Chuck Ainlay
November 26, 2005
Hi All- Been lurking for months, but had to come in on this one. I think the above hits the nail on the head. However, you have to take into account the kind of music the engineer in this article mixes (rock and roll). The gestalt for recording rock is totally different from classical and jazz since there is no such thing as a live, un-amplified, ... more
question to Groot Geluid
July 12, 2005
I recenlty picked up the basic Sony XE SCD-597, and have been very pleased with it, both for SACD and CD playback. It was only £100! Very smooth, warm and detailed sound, easy to use. Good luck KW ... more