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  Yorkshire, UK
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Rega Cursa 3
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Multichannel-only SA-CDs
August 18, 2005
The point is - it's just not worth, what I would consider compromising, my stereo set up (and it WOULD be a compromise) to gain a multichannel capable system when that ratio of multichannel discs to stereo sits at about 50:5000. I don't dispute that some music maybe does sound more realistic given a faithful mix. Also, mdt is entirely correct in ... more
Multichannel-only SA-CDs
August 18, 2005
And they know a thing or two about sound quality at Abbey Road. Nice stuff - think my insurance premium would go up a little with a set of those B&Ws :-) ... more
Multichannel-only SA-CDs
August 18, 2005
I wouldn't say a misunderstanding of MC. I'm only judging on the material i've experienced. I don't write off re-exploring MC when funds allow as i've increased my SACD repertoire considerably since I last had MC capabilities. But I won't be losing any sleep over it and I certainly don't feel short changed. ... more
Multichannel-only SA-CDs
August 18, 2005
The 3.1 ears comment was tongue in cheek :-) I did have a MC set up when I first got SACD a few years ago but it was entirely seperate from my stereo set up and significantly inferior quality. However, it still gave me the ability to experience surround but I just found I was trying too hard to hear everything at the detriment of the music. I can't ... more
Multichannel-only SA-CDs
August 18, 2005
There are good reasons why a few people, including myself, only listen in stereo. One of them being that I actually PREFER it. MC just doesn't do it for me. Sorry but it seems some people actually do still like listening to purity of sound without it bouncing all over the place. It's a shame that people are missing the point of SACD in that it ... more