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Does Sony want to start again the SACD?
June 5, 2007
“The years laser” is a generally reliable magazine publishing of the news. I deliver the news without translation to you not being very good in English. If somebody wants to do it… "Sauvons le SACD. Pour tenter d'enrayer la chute des ventes du CD, non compensée par celle du téléchargement, Sony ne voit qu'une solution : relancer le SACD, format de ... more
Does Sony want to start again the SACD?
May 31, 2007
I excuse myself by advance for my bad English. But according to the French magazine n°1 in HC "Les Années Laser" of this month, Sony/BMG France would like officially to start again the SACD to stop the falls of sales of CD. Sony declares that the large advantage of the SACD is that it is still not pirated. It should be noted that Sony France ... more
The unconfirmed thread
May 4, 2006
4 news SACD Depeche mode, 28/07/2006 : - A Broken Frame - Some Great Reward - Songs Of Faith And Devotion [live] - Ultra [super audio cd + DVD Bonus DTS 24/96, 5.1] ... more
The unconfirmed thread
April 26, 2006 Last news in france (classic) ;o) ... more
Does Sony music stop the SACD?
March 21, 2006
Sorry for my bad English That relates to Sony/BMG France, because they launch the DUALDISC ! ... The declarations of the general manager of Sony BMG France are pitiful! : "...Quant aux formats de type DVD-Audio ou Super Audio CD ils restent très confidentiels. Pour notre part nous ne sortons plus de SACD depuis quelque temps, après en avoir ... more