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Discussion: Genesis 1976-1982
June 20, 2007
The original "Trick" and "Abacab" CDs sound great. I've never heard a very good sounding version of "Wind and Wuthering", even the original vinyl wasn't that great, but still even the DE Remaster sounds so much better than this SACD. You can't blame the original recordings for the poor sound of these SACDs. ... more
Discussion: Genesis 1976-1982
June 17, 2007
Well said, Old Hack. I agree completely. You don't need an analysis tool to hear this amount of compression. You can hear it easily if you just listen... But what you said about these being compressed at the mastering stage...I've read some opinions that the biggest damage had already been done in the mixing process. ... more
Discussion: Genesis 1976-1982
May 9, 2007
I think you have a point there. If these were new albums, released for the first time, they wouldn't differ from most of the other new rock albums. These are also new stereo mixes and probably most of the digital processing and compressing has occured already in the mixing process. ... more
Discussion: Genesis 1976-1982
May 9, 2007
While I'm not sure if these are the worst remasters ever, they are pretty bad. The biggest problem with these Genesis SACDs is that the earlier CD and LP versions sound so much better. I'm talking about stereo only of course. ... more
Yes-Fragile on SACD
September 9, 2006
The surround mix on DVD-A is good, but the hirez stereo could be better. That's why I'm keeping my eye on this release even though it might not be SACD. There's also coming up new vinyl reissue of Fragile by Warner, mastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray. ... more